Living a self-determined life through Personal Assistance

If you want to live an independent life, you sometimes have to take advantage of assistance services. What might perhaps sound contradictory to some, is obvious for many persons with disabilities: Personal Assistants make it possible for them to life a self-determined life. And once you have used this service, you won’t want to be without it anymore.


Photo: Wheelchair user and her Personal Assistant; © Romashova

Personal Assistants are an important support in everyday life for people with disabilities; © Natalia Romashova

Not a nine-to-five job: Personal Assistance

Photo: Sima Surkamp and Sandra von Ameln; © beta-web/Nadine Lormis

When Personal Assistance turns into friendship: At REHACARE 2015 Sima Surkamp and Sandra von Ameln talked about their special relationship with each other; © beta-web/Lormis

Participation thanks to assistance

Photo: Nadine Lormis; Copyright: B. Frommann

© B. Frommann