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Kessler study shows behavioral approach reduces cognitive fatigue in multiple sclerosis


Novel study demonstrated potential for nonpharmacologic intervention for treating cognitive fatigue in individuals with multiple sclerosis.
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Accessible leisure activities and travel services


Whether it’s everyday life or vacation – many people with disabilities want to be as active as possible in their free time. Now there are more and more available services that specialize in meeting these different needs.
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"A disability is just as stressful if it’s invisible"


"But you don’t look sick!" That’s a sentence, Katarina B. hears far too often. The woman from Switzerland lives with multiple sclerosis (MS) and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) diagnosed later in her life. The symptoms she is dealing with on a daily basis are invisible to outsiders. But they are still there – around-the-clock.
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Living with an invisible disability


Everybody of us could have a disability. For not every impairment is perceptible for others. This often also has social consequences. What is life like for a young woman who deals with language and communication in university and job life, but also lives with aphasia? And how does everyday life of a mother with Multiple Sclerosis and Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder look like?
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Listening and understanding: Documentary filmmaker portrays seven people with MS


It is called the disease with a thousand faces: multiple sclerosis (MS) manifests itself very differently in different people. Many don’t like to talk about their illness and the subsequent restrictions it entails. spoke with Jann Kessler, the director of the documentary film "Multiple Fates - About the Struggle with One’s Own Body" about his personal connection to MS.
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Driver training for people with disabilities provides new levels of safety and mobility


Self-determination and mobility are important for everyone – and especially for people with physical and mobility impairments. Many people with disabilities that were caused by accidents are initially still insecure when they want to actively return to driving. To help them in slowly easing back into traffic, the Austrian CLUB MOBIL offers driver safety courses.
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"World MS Day calls attention to the need for inclusion"


Since 2009, the World MS Day calls attention to multiple sclerosis and the people who live with this disease of the central nervous system around the world. spoke with Dorothea Pitschnau-Michel, Secretary of the German Multiple Sclerosis Society (DMSG), about this special day, which always takes place on the last Wednesday of May.
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