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New ETAC ability based seating & "shapeup!" eductional programme to revolutionise wheelchair design at REHACARE

Under a new initiative called ‘Shape Up!’, a world-leading assistive product specialist Etac, will be launching the new Ability Based SeatingTM wheelchair concept at Rehacare (Hall 04, stands D24 & 25, Messe Düsseldorf, 28 Sept – 1 Oct).

Etac will be working in partnership with its paediatric brand R82 at Rehacare (stand E25, Hall 04) and is providing a joint Etac R82 meeting lounge – located adjacently. This lounge will be the location for the ‘Launch Lunch’ event – 28 Sept 12:30-13:30 – all visitors and press welcome

The Etac Group has provided quality Scandinavian-inspired products that create possibilities for disabled adults and children for over 40 years. It delivers an award-winning range of brands: Etac, R82, Convaid, Immedia and Molift. Its ergonomic equipment includes manual wheelchairs, supportive seating, patient transfer solutions, bathing and toileting products and aids for daily living. Etac is a specialist in wheelchair design and is proud to launch its latest innovative concept at Rehacare - Ability Based Seating.

Awareness of this pioneering approach to wheelchair configuration is being raised through the new ‘Shape Up!’ educational programme – aimed at informing healthcare professionals, trade suppliers and end users about the benefits of more advanced bespoke seating. As everyone is different Etac believes there is no one-fits-all solution that is appropriate for a wheelchair user. This initiative aims to improve the active ability of wheelchair users through a better ‘shaped’ spine, trunk and pelvis position.  Poor posture including slumping/sliding, asymmetrical alignment and pelvis rotation can all lead to multiple health issues. Ability Based Seating can help stop this and change peoples’ lives.

Ability Based Seating can enhance the Occupational Performance of a wheelchair user through innovative postural support. Combined with adaptable wheelchair mechanics, the new backrest design incorporated into Etac wheelchairs, such as the proven Cross 5, now provides infinite adjustment in terms of angle and contour – only ever fitted with the user in the wheelchair. Functionality is easy to implement with ergonomics at the heart of the whole experience for both user and provider.  With better postural control and a healthier sitting position stability and comfort is optimized. With pressure managed and the trunk, pelvis and spinal positioned in a perfectly balanced manner, a semi-ambulant wheelchair user has the opportunity to be more active and achieve more from life – hence ‘Ability Based Seating’.

 The ‘Shape Up!’ initiative is educating the market on how a more active lifestyle is possible in a wheelchair. The following improvements can be assisted through Ability Based Seating:

An ability for the upper body to move more easily
Greater Occupational Performance  
Longer seating tolerance 
Reduced back pain and fatigue
Better internal organ function
More communication
Easier breathing, eating and drinking 
Reduced risk of spasm
Avoidance of Musculoskeletal deformities such as Kyphosis and Scoliosis
Happier, healthier living!

Everyone has a different shape – so does every Etac wheelchair. The Ability Based Seating concept also allows for back rest configurations to change over time so the wheelchair user is always supported and remains as active as possible. The introduction of this new programme at Rehacare is part of a wider series of new product launches by the Etac Group.  Torben Helbo, Etac CEO, comments: “The multiple Etac Group product launches at Rehacare 2016 represent a significant milestone in our business and throughout the healthcare product sector. Our latest products, including the new Ability Based Seating’ concept, will ensure greater numbers of people affected by restricted mobility can enjoy a more fulfilling and rewarding life, with greater independence, care and dignity.”

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Notes to the Editor: The Etac Group
With headquarters in Stockholm, Sweden, the Etac Group is a world-leading developer of ergonomic products that assist people living with restricted mobility. Its strength and competitive edge are delivered through a proven synergy of pioneering product design, excellence in service and a true understanding of end user needs.

The Etac Group delivers an award-winning range of brands: Etac (Bathing and Toileting, Aids for Daily Living and Wheelchairs), R82 (Paediatrics), Convaid (Paediatrics), Immedia (Manual Transfer) and Molift (Hoists and Slings). Owned by Nordstjernan AB, a family controlled unlisted investment company, the group currently has a turnover in excess of MSEK 1300 and employs an 800-strong team of talented specialists worldwide.


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