Photo: Group picture for the Heroes campaign; Copyright: Mencap NI

Mencap NI: New inclusive cross community youth project launched


A new EU PEACE IV funded youth project 'HEROES' for young people in Belfast, Fermanagh and Derry/Londonderry has been officially launched.
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Photo: A shop owner who allows a wheelchair user access to his shop by means of a mobile ramp; Copyright: Jörg Farys | AG Urban

Accessible retail: Status quo and industry trends


How will we be shopping in the future? How will our buying behavior change? These are questions that companies must already ponder today. takes a closer look at the retail industry, ponders the possible future and highlights projects that already focus on enabling participation in retail consumption.
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Photo: The stage of the Sziget Festival can be seen between two wheelchair users on the podium.; Copyright: Timo Hermann |

More diversity at different types of events – it doesn’t hurt to ask or to inform


A visit to a trade fair, festival or a movie theater – while some leisure activities are easy to come by for people without disabilities, they can turn into a downright adventure for wheelchair users, people who are blind, visually impaired, deaf or hearing impaired. Especially, if there is a lack of vital information pertaining to accessibility at an event.
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Photo: The stage at the Wacken Open Air 2016 while the band Bullet For My Valentine plays; Copyright: Andrea Schütt

Inclusion Must Make Noise: "Participation is not about a particular music genre"


Anyone who frequently visits the Wacken Open Air probably knows him: Ron Paustian is one of the permanent fixtures of the heavy metal music festival. The metal fan has turned his passion into his mission. Since 2009, Paustian has been committed to making concerts and festivals more accessible to people with disabilities.
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Photo: A woman in a beach wheelchair; Copyright: Timo Hermann |

Tourism for All: "Traveling is not just about physical access"


Tourism is for everybody. The aim of the British organisation Tourism for All is to make travel accessible. Whether travelers, policy makers or companies, Tourism for All wants to operate with and for everyone. asked, how the attitude of companies and politicians towards people with disabilities has changed and what the European tourism market has to offer.
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Photo: Martina Gollner (left) and Christina Rieder, the founders of FullAccess; Copyright: FullAccess

"At FullAccess, the 'Accessibility All Areas' slogan says it all"


Two music enthusiasts were fed up with the lack of leisure activity choices and programs for people with disabilities. That’s why Christina Riedler and Martina Gollner decided to set up their own business with FullAccess and try to make concert promoters aware of people with disabilities as prospective customers and thus contribute to making society more tolerant.
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Photo: Felix Falk; Copyright: BIU

"Computer and video games are a social and inclusive medium"


Countless Let’s Play videos on YouTube show that gaming has become an integral part of society. Whether people use consoles, PCs, laptops, smartphones or tablets, you can play on almost any platform. But what about accessibility in the age of better and better graphics and increasingly interactive game design?
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