Norbert Sandmann - That's how he rolls


Fighting for accessibility in the head of local politicians and other decision makers and counseling other affected people, this is what is very important for Norbert Sandmann. That persistence can be worth the effort, he has already experienced on his own. How he sees life in general, he tells us at

Photo: Norbert Sandmann; Copyright: Norbert Sandmann

Norbert Sandmann; © Norbert Sandmann

When did you last laugh heartily and what about?

Norbert Sandmann:
Yesterday, about the jokes my wife and me were making.

What have you always been wanting to do and why have you never done this so far?

Norbert Sandmann: An European tour with a motorbike. Unfortunately, my disease made it impossible. Now, I concentrate on other things that bring me as much fulfillment as this tour.

Which person has influenced you most?

Norbert Sandmann: Maria Langstroff and Raul Krauthausen. Both are involved in their own way for a better understanding between disabled and non–disabled people.

You have the chance to become the German Federal Commissioner for the Disabled. What would you do first?

Norbert Sandmann: 
I would campaign for the implementation of the UN CRPD.

Photo: Norbert Sandmann with a shopping cart for disabled people; Copyright: Norbert Sandmann

"Persistence leads to success", Norbert Sandmann knows. After a half year of correspondence, this wheelchair accessible shopping cart has been purchased – for him and other wheelchair drivers; © Norbert Sandmann

Your life is made into a film: Who would represent you?

Norbert Sandmann:
 I do not think that my life is that interesting for making a movie about it. I really do not need this.

I would like to be ...

Norbert Sandmann: For me, I’m good enough the way I am.

Which questions would you like answered the most?

Norbert Sandmann: Why do politicians worldwide only do little things for their people and instead serve the capital?

What I finally want to say...

Norbert Sandmann: Persistence is worth the effort while fighting for more accessibility.