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Photo: Julia Andres; Copyright: morgenkannichfliegen.de

Julia Andres – That's how she rolls


As it is typical for her zodiac sign Libra, Julia Andres is a sociable person. However, due to her MS and especially the fatigue associated with it, it was meanwhile difficult for her to leave the bed. Why she had to learn how to come to terms with herself alone and what advice she would give to others, she tells us at REHACARE.com.
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Photo: Viola Winkels at her workspace; Copyright: BFW Bad Pyrmont

Viola Winkels – That's how she rolls


Many non-disabled people tend to feel sorry for people in a wheelchair. But Viola Winkels, for example, knows better than that: Not only did she rely on the rolling support when she was still able to walk, but she is now also actively on the road with her two wheelchairs and her handbike. What she is afraid of and what annoys her among people with disabilities, she tells us at REHACARE.com.
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Photo: Emma Purcell; Copyright: private

Emma Purcell – That's how she rolls


"Music can change the world because it can change people", said Bono of U2. For Emma Purcell music is everything and always around her. Well, the 24-year old British has a weakness for words, either written or sung or performed on a stage. What her dreams are and why J.K. Rowling influenced her, she tells us at REHACARE.com.
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Photo: Claudia Grimm; Copyright: Claudia Grimm

Claudia Grimm – That's how she rolls


Claudia Grimm was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis almost seven years ago. With her blog she gives an insight into what it's like living with MS and shares her worries and fears with her readers. Why the self-employed web designer pleads for more love and acceptance in the world and why her dream of participating in a musical has failed, she tells us at REHACARE.com.
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Photo: Laura Chrobok; Copyright: Laura Chrobok

Laura Chrobok – That's how she rolls


Laura Chrobok can tell you a thing or two about the gruelling bureaucracy and job search for people with disabilities. And she wrote a book about it. But her book is not just about her search for employment but also about the good things in life, such as travelling. Why she wants more honest employers and what city she has dreamed of but already visited, she tells us at REHACARE.com.
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Photo: Mel Reis at the Art of Life event at the European Parliament; Copyright: Art of Life/MedTech Europe

Mel Reis – That's how she rolls


It was her sheer will that drove Mel Reis not to see her limb amputation as a negative fact but as a chance. And it was her passionate determination to get back to dance, as she used to before the car crash that crushed her leg when she was a teenager. What question she has to answer the most and how she would like to help others, she tells us on REHACARE.com.
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Photo: Michael Mohr (middle) at the

Michael Mohr – That's how he rolls


Michael Mohr was one of the eight "vilmA" award 2017 winners that the VdK North Rhine-Westphalia annually chooses. The 40-year-old from Düren donated his prize money to his heart's desire. What this is, what he is grateful to his parents for and why he would like to see more independence from people with disabilities, he tells us on REHACARE.com.
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Photo: Kim Lumelius; Copyright: Nicolas Meess Fotografie

Kim Lumelius – That's how she rolls


Laughter is the best medicine. In this sense Kim Lumelius is a pretty jolly person. Instead of getting angry about barriers, she prefers to overcome them. That's why her travels are always an adventure. What kind of journey she has not made yet and why she considers gratitude to be an important asset, she tells us on REHACARE.com.
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Photo: Philipp Schrenk; Copyright: Philipp Schrenk

Philipp Schrenk – That's how he rolls


Philipp Schrenk was always the only student or employee with a disability. But it worked out. Today, Schrenk really loves to travel and to offer other people orientation to accessible holiday destinations with his travel blog. Why his weaker self has kept him away from the Caribbean so far and what question he has for the health insurance companies, he tells on REHACARE.com.
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Photo: Markus Boettner; Copyright: private

Markus Boettner – That's how he rolls


Markus Boettner grew up with the Wartburg in sight and the Thuringian Forrest as playground. After he graduated University the passionate musician moved to Galway, Ireland. He moved back to Germany since half a year now. What moves the linguist and why a quotation of his good friend enriches his life, he tells us at REHACARE.com.
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