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Photo: Markus Boettner; Copyright: private

Markus Boettner – That's how he rolls


Markus Boettner grew up with the Wartburg in sight and the Thuringian Forrest as playground. After he graduated University the passionate musician moved to Galway, Ireland. He moved back to Germany since half a year now. What moves the linguist and why a quotation of his good friend enriches his life, he tells us at REHACARE.com.
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Photo: Christian Jaster; Copyright: Malte Wittmershaus

Christian Jaster – That's how he rolls


Para ice hockey is the ultimate sport for Christian Jaster. Since he was a child he is infected with the ice hockey virus. Meanwhile, Jaster has become an integral part of the German Para Ice Hockey National Team and webmaster of the official homepage. What other sports he wants to try out and what he would like to be, he tells us at REHACARE.com.
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Photo: Andrea Heidrich with her dogs; Copyright: private

Andrea Heidrich – That's how she rolls


Since Andrea Heidrich uses a wheelchair because of a rheumatic autoimmune disease, she is dependent on the help of her assistance dog Jay. But since the Bochumer is already dog crazy anyway, also the Maltese Sandy belongs to the pack. In addition to her dogs, topics such as social justice are important to the 49-year-old as well. What else is on her mind, she tells us on REHACARE.com.
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Photo: Isabel Keane; Copyright: izzywheels.com

Isabel Keane – That's how she rolls


For the 20-year old Isabel Keane one way to express herself are her stylish wheel covers, created by her sister. But the covers to beautify her wheelchair are not the only reason how Ailbhe influenced her younger sister. Why Isabel looks up to her creative sister, what she wants to accomplish but has not done until now and what she wants to be known for, she tells at REHACARE.com.
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Photo: Dunja Fuhrmann; Copyright: Peter Müller/RiNK Rehaservice

Dunja Fuhrmann – That's how she rolls


Dunja Fuhrmann wants to go high up - climbing is her passion. The idea of inclusion is particularly close to her heart. What else she is committed to and what kind of group she would like to recruit, she tells on REHACARE.com.
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Photo: Frank F. König; Copyright: Frank F. König alias LimFoto

Frank F. König – That's how he rolls


Accessible views in word and picture - Frank F. König would like to offer this with his extensive online presence. However, he has not yet been able to implement the view and step across the "big pond" into the USA himself. On REHACARE.com he tells us what is the reason for this and which signs he wants to remove and why.
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Photo: Lisa Scheer; Copyright: Chaos.Cat

Lisa Scheer – That's how she rolls


Run, just start running: Lisa Scheer couldn't do that for fourteen years because her knee was stiff. About a year ago she decided to have an amputation of the leg. How this decision and the time before it shaped and changed her and her life, she tells at REHACARE.com.
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Photo: Fidi Baum; Copyright: Andi Weiland

Fidi Baum – That's how he rolls


Fidi Baum discovered the love to German rap thanks to the Fantastischen Vier. He did not make his musical passion to his profession. In return, he is a social pedagogue with heart and soul and is committed to the topic of inclusion. What his first act as a federal disability commissioner would be and why Ryan Gosling would be suitable to impersonate Graf Fidi in a film, he tells at REHACARE.com.
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Photo: Kristof Magnusson; Copyright: Gunnar Klack

Kristof Magnusson – That's how he rolls


Literature in Easy Language is still an exception. That's why writer Kristof Magnusson floats against the tide and writes books in at least Simple Language. What he has never written before, but would like to and how he is connected to Iceland, he tells at REHACARE.com.
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Photo: Anja Moerstedt; Copyright: private

Anja Moerstedt – That's how she rolls


Anja Moerstedt had to learn to give her body more time: She fell ill with a rare genetic defect from one day to another. But the 45-year-old from Emden remained positive. Through her limitation, she found her mission: to draw attention to discrimination. What moves her and why the way she was educated is important for her life today, she tells us at REHACARE.com.
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