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Photo: Fiona Anderson; Copyright: private

Fiona Anderson – That's how she rolls


As the name of her blog "Life of an ambitious turtle" suggests, Fiona Anderson does not let her disease slow her down. On the contrary: in addition to caring for her children, the British woman is also an active campaigner. Which person has influenced her most and why passion is important to her, she tells us on REHACARE.com.
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Photo: Sima Surkamp; Copyright: private

Sima Surkamp – That's how she rolls


Our society must finally live inclusion instead of just talking about it. Sima Surkamp demands this for the labour market as well as for the economy and politics. Who or what is also near and dear to her and which accessible vehicle she would like to own, she tells at REHACARE.com.
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Photo: Lisa Brockschmidt; Copyright: Christina Schneider

Lisa Brockschmidt – That's how she rolls


Just going outside in shorts in summer. Lisa Brockschmidt didn't dare to do that for a long time because of her leg prostheses. Meanwhile she has found this courage. But why this required courage at all, she herself does not know. What she likes about other amputees, how she relates to her orthopaedic technician and who else is important to the 22-year-old, she tells us at REHACARE.com.
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Photo: Sascha Schrön; Copyright: Sebastian Gölz

Sascha Schrön – That's how he rolls


Sascha Schrön hates being patronized by others because of his disability. After all, he himself knows best what he can and cannot do. Why his head has prevented him from doing a parachute jump and why he admires inclusion activists, he tells us at REHACARE.com.
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Photo: Sarah Alexander; Copyright: Sarah Alexander

Sarah Alexander – That's how she rolls


Sarah Alexander has been passionate about writing for as long as she can remember. So, it was only quite logical that she started blogging a few years ago – about lifestyle and beauty topics as well as about her disability. Why she has such a positive attitude to life today and what role her grandmother plays in it, she tells us at REHACARE.com.
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Photo: Susanne Boehme sitting on the floor and smiling after a parachute jump; Copyright: private

Susanne Boehme – That's how she rolls


Walking despite a paralysis and being able to fly, although humans are not made to do so - for Susanne Boehme it is all just a question of imagination. Why the parachutist does not allow herself to be deprived of her sport and why there is hardly any increase to her previous life, she tells us at REHACARE.com.
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Photo: Shona Cobb smiling at the camera; Copyright: private

Shona Cobb – That's how she rolls


Today, the Internet enables many people to be heard. Also Shona Cobb got a voice through it. At the age of 14, the Brit started her blog. That was six years ago and her blog has grown with her ever since. Why disability rights campaigners inspire her and why the 20-year-old would like to be able to speak more in public, she tells us at REHACARE.com.
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Photo: Eva Papst at the A-Day 2010 with a microphone in her hand; Copyright: Andreas Hafenscher, www.hafenscher.at

Eva Papst – That's how she rolls


Digital accessibility is very important to Eva Papst. This is the only way for the blind Viennese to find her way around the Internet without any problems. That is why she has been working against digital barriers for almost 20 years now. Why she would also wish for a robot guide dog and what role she thinks blind people should play in thrillers, she tells us at REHACARE.com.
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Photo: Jahn Graf; Copyright: private

Jahn Graf – That's how he rolls


Getting into a dialogue with people - meanwhile Jahn Graf has made this his professional task: On his YouTube channel "Jahn's Rolling World" he meets people with and without disabilities. His aim is to break down barriers in people's minds. Why the dialogue as communication form is so important to him and what he would like to be, he tells us at REHACARE.com.
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Photo: Martina Gollner; Copyright: Martina Gollner

Martina Gollner – That's how she rolls


Founding a company is a hard step for many people. Martina Gollner simply dared it. The woman living in Vienna, Austria, does not feel comfortable with being dependent on others and enjoys the freedom of not having to. Why she moved from her home village in Styria to the Austrian capital and why the opportunity to help shape also means responsibility, she tells us at REHACARE.com.
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