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06/22/2017: Inclusive communication design

Topic of the Month; Stroke rehabilitation: Robotic device is helping patients to recover; App to help improve environments for people living with dementia; Wearable system helps visually impaired users navigate; Anja Bohr - That's how she rolls; Teens with ADHD have lower crash risk; Human brain tunes into visual rhythms in sign language; Muscle grafts could help amputees control artificial limbs
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06/08/2017: Accessible medical practices

Topic of the Month: Accessible medical practices; Modified toy car designs offer children with disabilities more options; Recommendations for certifying emotional support animals; Medal design revealed for Para Athletics Championships 2017; Sabine Ochaba - That's how she rolls; Collegiate inventors awarded with Lemelson-MIT Student Prize; How an IndyCar driver is outpacing diabetes
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05/24/2017: Riding and climbing with disabilities

Family dog could help boost physical activity for kids with disabilities; Personalized music may help nursing home residents with dementia; Ute Göres - That's how she rolls; Study looks at the prevalence, challenges of athletes with ADHD; Topic of the Month: Tour de Sens: Blind and sighted people go on discovery tours together; Stroke patients take the lead in their rehabilitation
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05/11/2017: Active in everyday life and while traveling

Medicare recipients using rehabilitation services report major functional improvements; Samira Mousa - That's how she rolls; Better quality relationships associated with reduced dementia risk; Topic of the Month May: Active in everyday life and while traveling; Stroke prevention may also reduce dementia; Adjusting meds may reduce fall risk in older adults
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04/27/2017: Literature in Simple Language

We asked; Video launched to improve healthcare provision for people with learning disability; Katrin Sickert - That's how she rolls; Rising of new diagnosed cases of type 1 and 2 diabetes among children; Money is a barrier to independence for young adults with autism; Topic of the Month; Study shows hearing tests miss common form of hearing loss; Retraining the brain to see after stroke
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04/13/2017: Intercultural care

Jan Nic Arnold - That's how he rolls; Topic of the Month March: Intercultural care; Tokyo 2020 publish accessibility guidelines; Researchers gain insight into lives of parents raising children with autism; Hearing and touch mediate sensations via osseointegrated prostheses
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03/30/2017: Music overcomes borders

Video: REHACARE 2017: Self-determined living; Rio 2016 Paralympics smashed all TV viewing records; Danny-Ralph Cäsar - That's how he rolls; Quadriplegia: Injury bridging technologies to move again just by thinking; 'Geofencing' shows promise in tracking chronic care; Sound waves boost older adults' memory, deep sleep; Topic of the Month March: "A disability is just as stressful if it’s invisible"
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03/16/2017: Alpacas as co-therapists

Video: A different type of occupational therapy – Alpacas as therapy animals; Physical activity affects pain modulation in the elderly; Common proposal to improve access to audiovisual media services; Kim Elena do Calvário Moquenco - That's how she rolls; Detecting mild cognitive impairment with virtual reality game; Topic of the Month: Aphasia as an invisible companion in education and career
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03/02/2017: Living with an invisible disability

Older adults embracing "Living Apart Together"; One in three parents of a child with a learning disability is in a distressed relationship; Lydia Zoubek - That's how she rolls; Male caregivers report more positives in caring for stroke survivors; Sign language users have better reaction times; Yoga can be helpful for low back pain; Topic of the Month March: Living with an invisible disability
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02/16/2017: Accessible books cannot be taken for granted

We asked: Books for the blind; Safe exercise guidelines for type 1 diabetes; Prosthetic arm technology that detects spinal nerve signals developed; Maria Langstroff - That's how she rolls; Scoliosis: Specialized physical therapy helps teens; Topic of the Month; "On friday afternoons the hospice smells like horse"
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