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03/16/2017: Alpacas as co-therapists

Video: A different type of occupational therapy – Alpacas as therapy animals; Physical activity affects pain modulation in the elderly; Common proposal to improve access to audiovisual media services; Kim Elena do Calvário Moquenco - That's how she rolls; Detecting mild cognitive impairment with virtual reality game; Topic of the Month: Aphasia as an invisible companion in education and career
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03/02/2017: Living with an invisible disability

Older adults embracing "Living Apart Together"; One in three parents of a child with a learning disability is in a distressed relationship; Lydia Zoubek - That's how she rolls; Male caregivers report more positives in caring for stroke survivors; Sign language users have better reaction times; Yoga can be helpful for low back pain; Topic of the Month March: Living with an invisible disability
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02/16/2017: Accessible books cannot be taken for granted

We asked: Books for the blind; Safe exercise guidelines for type 1 diabetes; Prosthetic arm technology that detects spinal nerve signals developed; Maria Langstroff - That's how she rolls; Scoliosis: Specialized physical therapy helps teens; Topic of the Month; "On friday afternoons the hospice smells like horse"
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02/02/2017: Animal support

Music venues: stop harassment of people with a learning disability; Silke Pan - That's how she rolls; Soccer is like medicine for women with high blood pressure; Type 2 diabetes shows marked increase in pediatric population; Topic of the Month February: Animal helpers; Acupuncture boosts effectiveness of standard medical care for chronic pain; Scoliosis: Specialized physical therapy helps teens
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01/19/2017: Fashion at eye level

We asked: Fashion: At eye level with little people; Older adults walk more for money and opportunity to donate to charity; Osteoarthritis: Chair yoga is effective alternative treatment; Viola Steinbeck - That's how she rolls; Longer use of pain relievers associated with hearing loss in women; Topic of the Month January: Love and disability: Why are there so many prejudices?
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01/05/2017: Love is in the air

London 2017: The World Para Athletics Championships take place in July; New 'Accessibility Guide' on the needs of persons with disabilities using public transport; Manfred Fischer - That's how he rolls; Research unlocks clues to language-based learning in children; Topic of the Month January: Love and relationship; Physiotherapy: Cycling in bed is safe for ICU patients
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12/15/2016: Research for more autonomy

Intimate and social relationships are important for older adults in assisted living; Lack of appropriate clothing can hinder people with disabilities; Tabea Hosche - That's how she rolls; Women with dementia receive less medical attention; Neurorobotic hand exoskeleton restores grasp function to quadriplegics; Topic of the Month December: Touchdown: People with Down's syndrome teach
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12/01/2016: Experts for their own cause

Voices of children with disabilities should be heard; Chronically ill women underusing online self-care resources; Christine Tschuschner - That's how she rolls; Most nursing home patients refuse dental care during stay; Topic of the Month December: Experts for their own cause; mHealth interventions: no silver bullet for diabetes patients; Words matter when talking about Alzheimer's
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11/17/2016: Robot Paul assists while shopping

Care-O-bot4 celebrates its premiere as shopping assistant; 3D printing: customized insoles for diabetes patients; Christian Troger - That's how he rolls; Mild exercise helps improve activity level in older adults; Topic of the Month November: Inclusion in education and the workplace: school bench, lecture hall, executive office?; Maternal B12 deficiency may increase child's risk of type 2 diabetes
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11/03/2016: Inclusion in job and education

EU adopted a directive on the accessibility of websites and mobile apps; Better diabetic foot disease care would save taxpayers billions; Anouk Schmitt - That's how she rolls; Virtual experience gets the elderly to exercise; Paralympics: Petition calls for more events to be opened up for people with learning disabilities; Topic of the Month November; Children with autism over-diagnosed with ADHD
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