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Innovation and creativity - The Roots

On the scenic and peaceful Aichelau on the Swabian Alb, the trained car mechanic Roland Arnold started out on his parents' farm at first as a tire dealer.  A 1997 incident however changed his life. On a highway parking lot, as he was helping a woman to lift her paraplegic husband into the car. He couldn’t shake off this experience and now he has only one goal: to give people with disabilities mobility and vitality.

In his barn workshop he is working on technical and electronic aids. Typical Schwabian: hardworking, imaginative and stubborn. At first he reaped only scorn and skepticism - until 2003 when he received his first patents.

On the way to the global innovation leader in disability mobility:

In 2005, Roland Arnold founded the PARAVAN GmbH. There he built in his native village a research and development company with ultra-modern mobility park on 50.000 sqm. Without funding or other assistance, the Aichelauer manufactory created cars that severely disabled people need in order to participate problem free in  road traffic. Paravan is the sole inventor, developer and manufacturer. Paravan offers everything from software to electronics to final machining - everything from one source, all under one roof. German engineering, Swabian diligence and international success. From people for people!

In Paravan the disabled get a perfectly matched overall package. The Paravan brand offers mobility products for the disabled; adaptive vehicles , electronic steering and driving aids, electric wheelchairs, therapeutic movement exercise trainers to a special seat collection composed of tilting, rotating and transfer seats. The result is the precise adjustment of all types of vehicles for the disability in vehicles that they control themselves or as passengers in wheelchairs so that a limitless mobility can be achieved. The Paravan development and manufacturing facility is equipped with a universal machine park and thus guarantees for, any diagnoses - whether quadriplegia, paraplegia, stroke, multiple sclerosis, spina bifida, dwarfism etc. - the right solution. Closely and individually adapted. Because every disability affects us differently. This unique expertise makes it possible to integrate people into a mobile lifestyle after a tragic accident (sports accident, motorcycle- or car accident, diving accident, accident at work, etc.) or when they are physically impacted by illness.

Photo: Car in front of Paravan building; Copyright: Paravan GmbH

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The mobility of tomorrow already today:

Today, PARAVAN is the global market leader for customized vehicles for the disabled.

The international high-tech company is engaged in seven divisions over 150 employees and is expanding dynamically. The groundbreaking PARAVAN technologies are now in demand in many industries. In particular, the innovative "Space Drive" system allows new concepts in vehicle construction. The Paravan Space Drive technology is now used by many international car manufacturers as failsafe and road-going drive-by-wire platform for autonomous and semi-autonomous driving.

Humanity wins:

DISTRESSED families with disabled children, which are not supported by the state, are being helped by PARAVAN CEO Roland Arnold through his "Roland & Martina Arnold PARAVAN Foundation".

Swabian Schaffensfreude and social responsibility go hand in hand with Paravan. Despite the great success worldwide Roland Arnold and his crew have remained humble. "When a customer picks up his vehicle and leaves our parking lot happy, this becomes our motivation! Humanity wins!"

Since January 2015, the internationally active Würth Group Künzelsau holds the majority stake in Paravan with 51 percent.

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