Photo: Elderly women and an elderly man; Copyright: Baycrest Health Sciences

Dementia-related brain changes observed before problems are noticeable


University of Toronto and Baycrest Rotman Research Institute (RRI) scientists have discovered a potential brain imaging predictor for dementia, which illustrates that changes to the brain's structure may occur years prior to a diagnosis, even before individuals notice their own memory problems.
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Photo: Senior with Headphones; Copyright: Phonsawat

Personalized music may help nursing home residents with dementia


Across the country, nursing home employees and families are trying personalized music playlists to help seniors cope with the disorienting, anxious experience of living with Alzheimer's disease and related dementias. Now they can compare key outcomes in homes that implemented an individualized music program called MUSIC & MEMORY with similar homes that did not adopt the program.
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Photo: Dr. Vladimir Hachinski; Copyright: Western University

Stroke prevention may also reduce dementia


A new paper by researchers at Western University, Lawson Health Research Institute and the Institute for Clinical Evaluative Sciences (ICES) shows there's been a decade-long drop in new diagnoses of both stroke and dementia in the most at-risk group - those who are 80 or older.
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Photo: Group of elderly people laughing; Copyright:

Better quality relationships associated with reduced dementia risk


Positive social support from adult children is associated with reduced risk of developing dementia, according to a new research.
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Photo: Older woman taking her pills; Copyright:

Antipsychotic medications can be reduced in dementia patients


The use of antipsychotic medication in nearly 100 Massachusetts nursing homes was significantly reduced when staff was trained to recognize challenging behaviors of cognitively impaired residents as communication of their unmet needs, according to a new study led by Jennifer Tjia, MD, MSCE, associate professor of quantitative health sciences.
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