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Self-determined refuelling thanks to the fuelService app

Dear Sir or Madam,

How do I find out if there is staff at the next gas station who can help me with refuelling? If people who use a wheelchair ask themselves this question, Niall El-Assaad would answer them as follows: with the fuelService app! How exactly it works and why also petrol stations benefit from it – we asked the app inventor.

Have a self-determined week,

Nadine Lormis
Editorial team

Graphic: 18 - 21 September 2019, REHACARE International Trade Fair for Rehabilitation and Care, Düsseldorf, Germany


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fuelService app helps drivers with disabilities to refuel their car

We asked ...

Graphic: Screenshot of the fuelService app, which shows two figures at a gas station; Copyright: fuelService
Your car ran out of petrol and you need support refuelling it? The new app fuelService is about to help you find a petrol station where you get the help you need. The app is for free and globally available. App founder Niall El-Assaad told how it works.
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Work & Education

PROMISE project makes a difference for low-income youth with disabilities

A new report finds that Arkansas PROMISE – a University of Arkansas project aimed at improving the education and career outcomes of low-income teenagers with disabilities – has succeeded in increasing services, training, employment and income for participants.
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Work & Education

Interactive technology to help children with special needs learn

With funding from Temasek Foundation, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore (NTU Singapore) researchers have developed an interactive educational tool called the i-Tile, which makes learning more engaging for children with special needs.
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Going on a cruise: Accessibility included

Topic of the Month

Photo: Pool landscape on deck of a cruise ship; Copyright:
Far-off destinations, the expansiveness of the ocean, a touch of luxury aboard the vessel – cruise vacations are hugely popular. People with disabilities are also increasingly drawn to big cruise ships, which typically promise a worry-free vacation. But how accessible are the vessels, the staterooms, and shore excursions? Three veteran cruise travelers share their experiences.
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Auxiliary Means

Researchers develop app that recognizes voices and transcribe it as text

ListenAll is a free application which can recognize people’s voices and transcribe it to text. It is especially designed to facilitate the integration of several groups such as people with hearing issues or physical deficiencies. The app is available for mobile devices with Android and iOS systems.
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Niall El-Assaad – That's how he rolls

How we roll

Photo: Niall El-Assaad; Copyright: private
Why are we here and what is our role in life? That is a philosophical question. Niall El-Assaad would later like to be able to claim that he has done something of value to society. What this is, what makes him laugh, what he wants to do once again with full consciousness and what he thinks about accessibility laws, he tells us on
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Research & Health

Bonn to host 2019 World Para Dance Sport Championships

The 2019 World Para Dance Sport Championships are coming to the home of the Paralympic Movement in Bonn, Germany. From 29 November to 1 December, more than 210 athletes from 20 countries will light up the dance floor in the former German capital.
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Research & Health

Animal-assisted therapy improves social behavior in patients with brain injuries

Animal-assisted therapy can foster social competence in patients with brain injuries and increase their emotional involvement during therapy. These were the findings of a clinical trial conducted by psychologists from the University of Basel and published in the journal Scientific Reports.
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Research & Health

Pets help older adults

A curled-up cat, a tail-wagging dog, a chirping parakeet or even a serene goldfish may help older adults cope with mental and physical health issues, according to a new national poll.
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