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Auxiliary means for professional sports

Dear Sir or Madam,

No matter if it is the monoski, the sports prosthesis or the rugby wheelchair - for people with disabilities, their aids are the most important sports equipment. But how much do they actually influence the performance of the athletes? And what is the difference between them and leisure models? Find out more about this in our current Topic of the Month July.

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Nadine Lormis
Editorial team

Graphic: 26 - 29 September 2018, REHACARE International Trade Fair for Rehabilitation and Care, Düsseldorf, Germany


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Fiona Anderson – That's how she rolls

How we roll

Photo: Fiona Anderson; Copyright: private
As the name of her blog "Life of an ambitious turtle" suggests, Fiona Anderson does not let her disease slow her down. On the contrary: in addition to caring for her children, the British woman is also an active campaigner. Which person has influenced her most and why passion is important to her, she tells us on
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Work & Education

Strategic classroom intervention can make big difference for autistic students

Special training for teachers may mean big results for students with autism spectrum disorder, according to Florida State University and Emory University researchers.
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Women & Kids

Learning disabilities: Kids and families struggle beyond the academics

Most research on learning disabilities focuses on remediating specific academic skills like reading and math. But struggles at school and with homework can create an enormous amount of stress and anxiety for children and families, finds a study published June 4 in the Journal of Learning Disabilities.
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Adaptive sports equipment runs the gamut from custom adaptation to unauthorized modification

Topic of the Month

Photo: A handbike on the street. The athlete standing beside of it. Only one leg can be seen; Copyright: Andi Weiland |
People with disabilities always have to be creative if they want to take part in aspects of life that many take for granted. And that’s no different when it comes to sports. Yet over the past few years, the assistive technology industry has come to realize that people with disabilities also love to move and exercise. Since then, lots of adaptive equipment to accommodate special disabilities and sports has been developed, while the choices and leisure sector options have likewise become more multifaceted.
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Research & Health

AI and radar technologies could help diabetics manage their disease

People with diabetes could be able to monitor their blood sugar without drawing blood using a system now being developed at the University of Waterloo.
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Auxiliary Means

Low-cost prosthetic foot mimics natural walking

Prosthetic limb technology has advanced by leaps and bounds, giving amputees a range of bionic options. But such high-tech designs can cost tens of thousands of dollars, making them unattainable for many amputees, particularly in developing countries.
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Exhibitors News

Wolturnus Fatbike wins Bicycle Brand Contest 2018

Wolturnus A/S

Each year, the German Design Council acknowledges excellent product and communication designs in the industry with the Bicycle Brand Contest. The contest comprises as total of 20 categories. We are...
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