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On the ball

Dear Sir or Madam,

After the Premier League has already started, the other big leagues in Europe are following. Also right back at the stadiums of the German Bundesliga there will be blind and visual impaired soccer fans. Thanks to the effort of the "Fanclub Sehhunde" and their match reporting for the blind those who cannot "see" are on the ball for 90 minutes. Read more about the match reports for the fans with visual impairments and several other issues surrounding the stadium visist in We asked.

Have a nice day,

Anne Hofmann
Editorial team

REHACARE International Trade Fair for rehabilitation and care
04 - 07 October 2017
Düsseldorf, Germany


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Blind soccer fans are on the ball for 90 minutes thanks to match reporting

We asked ...

Photo: Cheering soccer fans at the stadium; Copyright:
For nearly 20 years, the "Fanclub Sehhunde; Fußball-Fanclub für Blinde und Sehbehinderte e.V." (English: Soccer Fan Club for Blind and Visually Impaired Persons) promotes match reporting for the blind to ensure that its members fully experience a stadium visit and the game. At this point, all clubs in Germany’s 1. Bundesliga facilitate match reports for their fans with visual impairments. Yet despite all that, there are still numerous issues surrounding the stadium visits.
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Work & Education

Coming face-to-face with disability could end supernatural myth-making in Africa

Many people in rural African communities still believe that disability is caused by supernatural forces, curses and as 'punishment' for wrongdoings - according to University of East Anglia research.
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Multifaceted and self-determined? Living with disabilities and in old age

Topic of the Month

Photo: Members of an inclusive shared appartment with and without disabilities sitting at a table and laughing with each other; Copyright: Daniela Buchholz
Whether they are young or old, have a disability or not – people want to decide for themselves how and where they want to live. Article 19 of the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities explicitly demands this for people with disabilities. Many senior citizen organizations also champion more accessibility and self-determined living.
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Coco de Bruycker – That's how she rolls

How we roll

Photo: Coco de Bruycker; Copyright: Heike Rost
Coco de Bruycker wants to change the film industry - for people with disabilities. At the age of 21 the girl from Germany dreams big. Which goals she has and why she is not afraid of dancing in the London Underground but does not dare to be part of a flashmob, she tells us at
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Research & Health

Study: Europe’s Demographic Future

Europe is demographically divided. In the north, west and centre of the continent, comparatively high fertility rates and immigration are ensuring population growth for the foreseeable future. By contrast, many regions in southern and Eastern Europe are threatened with accelerated aging processes and marked population losses.
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Research & Health

Medicaid coverage brings more silence to the hearing impaired

Medicaid does not cover hearing aids in 22 states. Coverage varies greatly in the remaining 28 states based on the degree of hearing loss and types of benefits available. Such inconsistencies exist as the federal government does not require Medicaid to cover hearing aids for adults, allowing individual states to set its own guidelines.
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Research & Health

Successful guide dogs have 'tough love' moms, study finds

Much has been written on the pitfalls of being a helicopter parent, one who insulates children from adversity rather than encouraging their independence. A new study seems to back up this finding - in dogs. Researchers showed that doting mothers seem to handicap their puppies, in this case reducing their likelihood of successfully completing a training program to become guide dogs.
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Research & Health

Resistance training may slow down the progression of multiple sclerosis

In the past, multiple sclerosis patients were advised not to exercise for fear of exacerbating the illness. However, it is now known that physical training can relieve many of the symptoms, including the excessive fatigue and mobility impairments that are often seen. New research now shows that resistance training may protect the nervous system and thus slow the progression of the disease.
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Prize game: 40 years REHACARE

Participate and win tickets!

Photo: Wheelchair dance couple while dancing, young woman sitting in a customized car; Copyright: ctillmann
This year we have a reason to celebrate – 40 years REHACARE! Actually, we can hardly wait. In honor of this occasion there will not only be the CYBATHLON experience on all trade fair days, but we also want to make your day: That’s why we are raffling off 40 x 2 admission tickets for REHACARE 2017.
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