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Focus on communication aids

Dear Sir or Madam,

The way we communicate has long since changed with smartphones, tablets and the like. The sector of communication aids is also affected by this. You can find out which technical aids in the form of apps are now available on the market in our Topic of the Month Spetember.

Have a nice and communicative week,

Anne Hofmann
Editorial team

Graphic: 26 - 29 September 2018, REHACARE International Trade Fair for Rehabilitation and Care, Düsseldorf, Germany


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Focal topic "Mobility+Travel"

Photo: Hall 6, at a stand for car customization, several trade fair visitors in wheelchairs talking to exhibitor
On 2,000 square metres of exhibition space in Hall 6, around 40 specialist companies will showcase customized conversions and installations that adapt the vehicle to provide functional capacity and comfort for drivers with disabilities. The big manufacturers will turn up and turn out: Audi, Fiat, Mercedes and Volkswagen will all present their latest adapted accessible models.
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Katja Alekseev – That's how she rolls

How we roll

Photo: Katja Alekseev; Copyright: private
Her blog is actually a kind of diary, but – according to Katja Alekseev – it should encourage other women to stand up for their wishes. Currently, the 29-year-old is fully occupied with her studies, her blog and her work for Die PARTEI. What she would do if she had more time and why air travel is not for her, she tells us on
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Auxiliary Means

Robots as tools and partners in rehabilitation

In future decades the need for effective strategies for medical rehabilitation will increase significantly. Socially assistive robots (SARs) are already being used in rehabilitation for this reason. A research team analyzes the improvements necessary to make SARs valuable and trustworthy assistants for medical therapies.
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Focal topic "Training+Working"

Photo: Visitors of the focal park stand at the information stand and receive brochures
One of the most important conditions for the inclusion of people with disabilities is active participation in working life. Once again this year, exhibitors will be presenting a wide range of support and counselling services for people with disabilities in their professional lives.
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Research & Health

Stroke doubles dementia risk, concludes large-scale study

The University of Exeter Medical School led the study which analysed data on stroke and dementia risk from 3.2 million people across the world. The link between stroke and dementia persisted even after taking into account other dementia risk factors such as blood pressure, diabetes and cardiovascular disease.
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Research & Health

Study: The eyes may have it, an early sign of Parkinson's disease

The eyes may be a window to the brain for people with early Parkinson's disease. People with the disease gradually lose brain cells that produce dopamine, a substance that helps control movement. Now a new study has found that the thinning of the retina, the lining of nerve cells in the back of the eye, is linked to the loss of such brain cells.
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Graphic: Banner advertising of the company Prominent Business

Recreation & Culture

'Inclusion tour' brings rowers together

Rowers with and without an impairment from Austria and Italy came together as part of an inclusion tour held over the summer on the River Danube. The tour covered 94km over three days, with participants enjoying a mixture of sports, leisure and culture, in a way only rowing could offer.
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Exhibitor lectures

Photo: Exhibitor during a lecture in front of an audience
In addition to presentations at the trade fair stand, some exhibitors will also be offering visitors further presentations with interesting background information. These lectures will take place on the exhibition grounds in CCD South.
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Women & Kids

Children with tics can be helped by both group and individual therapy

Nonvoluntary stressful movements or sounds are everyday reality for children and adolescents with Tourette Syndrome, but the symptoms can be significantly reduced - both when help comes individually and in a group.
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Women & Kids

Study helps children hit the right note in supporting autistic peers

Collaborative music lessons in schools improve the attitudes of pupils towards their peers with autism, a new study in the journal Autism reports. Researchers found that the interactive sessions produced findings that could potentially reduce bullying of autistic students.
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Under the sign of times: Communication aids

Topic of the Month

Photo: Two young women see a blackboard in an exhibition, while one of them holds an audio guide in her hand; Copyright: Andi Weiland |
Today we communicate on many channels, (almost) around the clock. What kind of role the Internet of Things or Artificial Intelligence will play in the future, how an app will help people or what opportunities there are for people who communicate in other ways and still want to be understood, you can read in our Topic of the Month September.
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Exhibitors News

Well Run Technology Co., LTD

Well Run Technology Co., Ltd.

- Don’t be the same, be better. - Established in 1976, WELL RUN has been providing high quality products at the best prices and services to our customers in various markets throughout all over...
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