Samira Mousa – That's how she rolls


For Samira Mousa a positive approach to chronic diseases is very important. Such diagnoses can be the reason for a new start: living healthier, taking better care of oneself. That is something that she herself lives and constantly makes a subject of discussion in her blog. What she thinks about hiking thousands of kilometers and why a tired cat makes her laugh, she tells us at

Photo: Samira Mousa; Copyright: GoodBY / Erik Schütz

© GoodBY / Erik Schütz

Name: Samira Mousa
City: Berlin, Germany
Occupation: Blogger and booker
Impairment: Multiple sclerosis since 3.5 years

More about Samira Mousa (only in German) at:

When did you last laugh heartily and what about?

Samira Mousa: That was during my last backpacking trip to Columbia in March. There are so many animals running around everywhere and one evening at dinner, a small and very hungry cat jumped on the table, begging. She got something and she fell asleep immediately, almost as she stood on the table... I laughed tears, it was so cute.

What have you always been wanting to do and why have you never done this so far?

Samira Mousa: I'm quite adventurous and regarding extreme sport I've already tried different things – I don't miss anything in this area.

But I'd really like to cook professionally and to learn in a professional kitchen. I love healthy eating, I like good food and I’m a small 'food nerd'. However, so far the rough tone in professional kitchens has kept me away from trying out. I tend to take criticism personally and I already see myself sitting in the cooling chamber and sulking. ;)

Which person has influenced you most? And why?

Samira Mousa: If I had to call just one person, I'd spontaneously say my mother. I've inherited a lot from her, like my propensity for outdoor activities and my relationship with nature. Like her, I kind of enjoy not making everything 100 percent conform to the standard.

I've learned that sometimes you just can flout something, even though everyone declares you crazy. You have to know for yourself what you are doing – that's it. Of course, only in the context by not burdening others with it.

Photo: Samira Mousa at the beach Strand; Copyright: Eddy

Samira Mousa has gripped the wanderlust. In addition to the Pacific Crest Trail, it also includes trips to beautiful, remote sandy beaches; © Eddy

You have the chance to become the Commissioner for the Disabled in your country. What would you do first?

Samira Mousa: I would do my best to ensure that people with disabilities are better integrated already in primary school. Thus, one can take away the uncertainty of people without a disability, an illness or another impairment.

Often, the unaffected people are dealing with a topic in a much more awkward way than the people who live under these special conditions.

Your life is made into a film: Who would represent you?

Samira Mousa: I think Aylin Tezel is wonderful! She is quick-wotted and just damn cool. Besides, she has mixed roots just like me.

I would like to be ...

Samira Mousa: Hiking on the Pacific Crest Trail! All alone in the wilderness, 4000 kilometers on foot… That would be really fantastic. Just walking, without haste, without appointments or obligations.

Which questions would you like answered the most?

Samira Mousa: Will there ever be justice in the world? What can everyone do, so that justice and peace rule the world? When will girls, women, homosexuals, bisexuals, trans* and just everyone finally be on equal terms?

What I finally want to say...

Samira Mousa: A chronical illness, a disability or another unpredicted health issue doesn't have to be the end of the world. There are ways and means to live happily, also with a disability – and this positive attitude is the first step in this direction. That is what my blog is all about.