Self-determined traveling with disabilities?!

What do people with disabilities experience when they plan their vacation? How well do they cope when they are traveling? And what exactly do they want? Questions upon questions. asked around.


Photo: Wheelchair user in a winery; Copyright: Timo Hermann

Vacation resorts become much more attractive for visitors if they are accessible; © Timo Hermann

Searching and booking on your own? Not happening!

Battered wheelchairs

Photo: Adina Hermann at the beach in her wheelchair; Copyright: Timo Hermann

Adina Hermann does not let possible obstacles take away her vacation fun; © Timo Hermann

Helpfulness on location increases mobility

Photo: Michel Arriens with his parents and his girlfriend; Copyright: private

"My parents always had the travel bug, so that I could see a lot of the world even as a child", says Michel Arriens. Today, he still tries to keep up to this lifestyle; © private

Photo: Adina and Timo Hermann with a glass of wine; Copyright: Timo Hermann

Timo and Adina Hermann have traveled a lot since they became a couple eight years ago. They were honeymooning on Corsica; © Timo Hermann

Working together for accessible travel

Photo: Michel Arriens, alone and with his girlfriend; Copyright: private

"My travel destinations are so varied and colorful like choosing my socks every morning. Sometimes I love bathing in the bright lights of the megacities around the world. And in the next moment I wish to be sweating in a Finnish sauna in Norway." - Michel Arriens; © private

Photo: Nadine Lormis; Copyright: B. Frommann

© B. Frommann