Social experiment: Random strangers share thoughts on dating a wheelchair user


PUSH Living, a magazine geared toward wheelchair users, conducted a social experiment after receiving a message from a subscriber regarding her friend’s insecurities that her disability would prevent her from dating again.

Photo: A couple taking a selfie in front of his wheelchair; Copyright:

No matter which disability you have, there's no reason for feeling uncomfortable entering the dating scene. The PUSH Living Magazine made the test by asking random strangers, if they would date a wheelchair user; ©

Deborah Davis, the founder of Push Living and a wheelchair user herself from a car accident, came up with the idea with marketing coordinator Shaina Louis-Jean to determine how people with disabilities are viewed as dating/love interests. The documented social experiment was conducted via a collaboration with a Los Angeles based creative group under the direction and co-direction of Aleksander Braun and Farida Amer.  

 Random people were selected and shown a headshot image of an attractive man and woman, who are real-life wheelchair models Carmen Joachim and Bing Wheels. They were asked if they would "swipe right" which refers to saying YES to a potential connection.

They are then shown the same model, but this time with a full body image showing the wheelchair.

The team met with great results as participants expressed acceptance and unanimously shared the same sentiments. "When I love someone, I love the person; I love their spirit; not whether they are disabled or not."

Their open-mindedness highlights the progressiveness of the power of love in a modern society. "Well 30 years ago, 20 years ago, it would’ve just been a no. But now, in modern society, she’s a pretty girl, she’s disabled, it’s not a problem really."

"We know it is just a video and just random people on the street, but if this small video makes you or anybody else who feels uncomfortable entering the dating scene more confident it was worth doing it. You are beautiful. Never let your disability overshadow your smile."; Source: PUSH Living Magazine

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