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How does it feel to be fed and always be dependent on others?

Logo: Bestic "For the past twenty-six years I have never eaten a meal on my own. I was always fed every single thing that went into my mouth. Bestic has changed my life… I realized its real power when I sat down to eat with my family and could relax and talk to them during dinner, it was the first time I felt like a real person eating at the table with everyone else..." - Anthony


Logo: Bestic
Various nerve damages may lead to eating difficulties. Now, there is an alternative to being fed; the assistive eating device Bestic. It lifts the food directly to your mouth by the click of a single button. You can use more or less any part of your body to press the button and gain independence!

Bestic can be helpful for those with e.g. ALS, Huntington's, muscular dystrophies, spinal injuries, Parkinson, Cerebral palsy, stroke, tremors and rheumatism.
Photo: Assistive eating device; Copyright: Bestic/Urban Bråhde

Bestic AB offers assistive aids, trainee programs and organizational development within the mealtime situation for people with functional disabilities as well as for the elderly; © Bestic/Urban Bråhde

Do not miss the opportunity to see and try this next generation in assistive eating. Learn more about how independence during the mealtime creates dignity, self-esteem and medical benefits!

Bestic has been ranked as one of the top 10 medical robots that could change healthcare by Information Week.

Come meet us during REHACARE 2015!
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