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CR230: The power pack among the stair climbers


For people with a walking disability stairs are a great obstacle that must be conquered. The mobile stair climbing aid CR230 helps you to be mobile, not only at home, but also en route.

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The CR230 is a stairclimber with a foldable and integrated seat. For transportation the seat can easily fold and due to the compact measure ments thereby also space-saving stored.

ComfortStep is a standard component of the C230 stair climber, which makes the movement more pleasant.

Photo: Stair climber; Copyright: AAT


The result is that the climbing process is more comfortable for the patient due to low vibrations. It works in the single step mode as well as in the regular climbing mode.

The adaptation to a variety of step heights is a further function provided by ComfortStep. This makes an easy and individual adaptation to your particular stairs possible.

The maximum person’s weight the CR230 can manage is 230 kg.

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Graphic: Stair climber; Copyright: AAT


Advantages that convince

  • Maximum weight of the person is 230 kg
  • Foldable, thereby space-saving storage
  • ComfortStep - for a comfortable driving experience