Traveling with disabilities: Vacation without limits

You need to be mobile if you want to travel. A fact that also applies to persons with disabilities. Yet the choices for accessible travel are slim. Oftentimes things also don’t work out because of inadequate service and poorly trained staff. That’s why the Weitsprung travel agency in Marburg, Germany, made it their mission to make travel dreams come true for everyone.


Photo: Wheelchair user at the beach; Copyright: Reisebüro Weitsprung

People with disabilities of course also dream of traveling to Greece or Mallorca. You only need to want it; © travel agency Weitsprung

Success through personal service

Travel means living the dream

Photo: Travel group in Africa; Copyright: Weitsprung Reisebüro

No continent is too far away for the travel agency Weitsprung. Here the tour group is in Africa, accompanied by Martin Smik (front right, kneeling); & copy; Reisebüro Weitsprung

Photo: Martin Smik and Birgit Glöckner
Photo: Martin Smik
Photo: Jeep with a ramp in Africa
Photo: Travel guest in a wheelchair with Kenyans
Photo: Travel guest on a boat tour

"The travel industry is on the right path"

Every travel destination is possible

Photo: Melanie Günther; Copyright: B. Fromman

© B. Fromman