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Photo: An Ottobock employee fitting a leg prostheses of an athlete during Winter Paralympics 2018; Copyright: N. Jarrassé 2018

Tokyo 2020: Ottobock named Official Supporter


Thirty years after it supported its first Paralympic Games in Seoul, South Korea, Ottobock has been confirmed as an Official Supporter of the Tokyo 2020 Paralympics in an announcement made to coincide with the United Nations (UN) International Day of Persons with Disabilities 2018.
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Photo: Wheelchair user David Völzmann at work in a carpentry workshop; Copyright: Andi Weiland |

Inclusion in practice: On the right career path


Choosing a career is a deeply personal and intimate decision. Yet this path is also shaped by many external factors. If you are a person in a wheelchair of if you are deaf, accessing the primary labor market might not be an easy feat. But it’s definitely possible. David Völzmann and Felizitas Böcher show us how they did it.
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Photo: The Munevo team; Copyright: Munevo GmbH

"Smart technology opportunities can make it easier to live a self-determined life"


Controlling an electric wheelchair by using smart glasses? Smart glasses like munevo Drive make this a reality. Visitors have a chance to check them out in person at this year’s REHACARE trade fair. Konstantin Madaus from the startup company Munevo looks back on the previous trade show presence and invites everyone to join him at his company’s booth again this year.
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Photo: Wheelchair rugby between Brazil and Great Britain at the 2016 Paralympics in Rio de Janeiro; Copyright: Andi Weiland |

Sports wheelchairs: Playing field, street and skatepark demand variety


For many people with disabilities, the wheelchair is not just their everyday companion but increasingly also turns into sports equipment. What are some of the differences when this assistive device is used for recreational purposes versus in professional sports? And what makes them so unique? has asked several athletes to find out.
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Photo: The Moraine Lake at Banff National park; Copyright:

Canada: Where accessibility is a part of life right from the start


Known for its beavers, bears or the recent return of the bison, maple syrup or its love of hockey – Canada is the personification of nature and vast distances. Thanks to its many national parks, this country is a must-see for any nature lover. When it comes to accessibility, the Canadians provide an infrastructure people with disabilities can only dream of in this part of the world.
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Photo: Isabel Keane; Copyright:

Isabel Keane – That's how she rolls


For the 20-year old Isabel Keane one way to express herself are her stylish wheel covers, created by her sister. But the covers to beautify her wheelchair are not the only reason how Ailbhe influenced her younger sister. Why Isabel looks up to her creative sister, what she wants to accomplish but has not done until now and what she wants to be known for, she tells at
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Photo: Hedwig Reiffs with a visitor and a wheelchair driver

"Comprehensive accessibility would benefit all of us"


What is it like when you have to manage everyday life in a wheelchair? And what effects do age-related limitations have on mobility? Interested parties can experience this with the help of a wheelchair course and an age simulation suit. spoke with Hedwig Reiffs from the Self-Help Organization of Physically Disabled Persons Bonn, who recently attended this kind of adventure day.
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