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Photo: Perry Shaffer, participant of the PROMISE project at his work place; Copyright: Matt Reynolds

PROMISE project makes a difference for low-income youth with disabilities


A new report finds that Arkansas PROMISE – a University of Arkansas project aimed at improving the education and career outcomes of low-income teenagers with disabilities – has succeeded in increasing services, training, employment and income for participants.
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Photo: Director talks to two young women who are involved in the film

Inclusive education: "Children of Utopia" creates new perspectives


The debate about inclusive education is stalling and generally doesn’t even let those who are most affected have their say: students both with and without disabilities. The German movie "Children of Utopia" ("Die Kinder der Utopie") wants to change all that. That's why it will be screened in several movie theaters on May 15 as part of a nationwide campaign event – followed by panel discussions.
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Photo: Sleeping boy in class; Copyright:

Pediatric onset multiple sclerosis study examines baffling


Seemingly overnight, healthy children develop mysterious, potentially disabling symptoms. When children finally receive a diagnosis, often after weeks of tests and office and hospital visits, the parents may be shocked to learn that they have multiple sclerosis - a potentially disabling autoimmune disease once believed to affect only adults.
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Photo: Pupils in homework assistance after school; Copyright: Oliver

ADHD: 1 in 3 students receive no school interventions


Largest national study of youth with ADHD reveals gaps between student needs and school services, particularly in secondary school and for non-English speakers and lower-income families.
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