Why is a ReWalk Exoskeleton "More than Walking"?

"ReWalk improves daily my health and allows me to be back eye-to-eye with the world," says Andre van Rüschen, who is using ReWalk Exoskeleton since 2012. Since his accident in 2002, when he became completly paralyzed from T12, he had urinary tract infenctions and wound healing disorders. "In 2012, I was among the first users of ReWalk in Germany. Since then, these problems are significantly reduced."


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ReWalk is a wearable robotic exoskeleton that provides powered hip and knee motion to enable individuals with spinal cord injury (SCI) to stand upright, walk, turn, and climb and descend stairs. The system allows independent, controlled walking while mimicking the natural gait pattern of the legs.

This year, ReWalk Robotics presents at REHACARE the latest, sixth generation of ReWalk Personal Exoskeleton 6.0. "ReWalk 6.0 offers those with spinal cord injury an exoskeleton design that fits better, walks faster and has better gait control than prior generations of the product," said ReWalk’s CEO Larry Jasinski. "Our design efforts are built on many years of user experience with a philosophy of offering an outstanding product for use in all aspects of everyday life. The enhanced design of the 6.0 offers highly customized fittings, and software to better match the size and anatomy of each individual user, providing a better walking experience than any prior design and over any other known products in clinical trials around the world."

ReWalk is the most studied exoskeleton in the industry. The wealth of clinical data has provided great insight into the potential health benefits that result from standing and walking using the ReWalk systems. Studies have identified a number of health benefits including: improved bladder and bowel function, improved mental health, improved sleep, reduced fatigue, decreased body fat, decreased pain and improved posture and balance.
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Andre van Rüschen uses the ReWalk Exoskeleton regularly in his everyday life since 2012; © ReWalk Robotics

The constantly incrising number of reimbursement cases shows that the insurances and payors have realized the consequential effects beyond the health benefits of ReWalk utilization, as more and more ReWalk users get the approval for rehabilitation therapy, training and ReWalk Exoskeleton itself.

ReWalk Robotics remains the only exoskeleton manufacturer in the United States with FDA clearances for both its Personal and Rehabilitation systems. ReWalk has also received regulatory clearances for their systems in several global geographies including: North America, Europe, Asia, the Middle East and Australia. ReWalk is the most used exoskeleton worldwide, with Personal and Rehabilitation Systems in use across several continents.

"Our experience and feedback from daily use of the ReWalk systems in the community, combined with technical advances achieved by our R&D organization have enabled this next generation prosthetic exoskeleton," said Jodi Gricci, VP of Global Marketing and Training at ReWalk. "Our user evaluations with the 6.0 demonstrated the value of better fit, improved gait control and more comfort with the removal of the backpack in this streamlined design."

In hall 4, stand A05, the REHACARE visitors will get not only all information about ReWalk Exoskeleton Technology, but also the opportunity to test the system. For more information on ReWalk test session and the essential prerequisites to schedule it, please contact ReWalk Robotics: Tel. +49(0)30/2589 5080 or Email:

This year too, numerous ReWalkers will share their experience about the new life experience gained with ReWalk Exoskeleton, and the members of ReWalk Robotics team are looking forward to welcome you and answer all questions.
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