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Home videos of children can be scored to diagnose autism


Short home videos can be used to diagnose autism in children, according to a new study from the Stanford University School of Medicine. The research expands on a 2014 feasibility study on the topic by the same researchers.
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State pension age increase causing huge uncertainty for older workers, especially females


The alignment of state pension ages for women and men – while in some senses a milestone for gender equality – has created very real difficulties for those who will now not receive their State Pension when they had originally expected to.
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Music supports the auditory skills of hearing-impaired children


Researchers at University of Helsinki, Finland, and University College London have found evidence that children with hearing impairment and cochlear implants can benefit from hobbies involving music and especially singing.
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Photo: Dr. Julia Belkovitz in her office; Copyright: University of Miami Health System

Study illuminates the largely unrecognized role of youth caregivers


Despite the essential role youth caregivers play, little is known about how they learn to manage medications, what they know about the medicine they administer, and what kind of rewards and challenges they encounter day to day.
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Music improves social communication in autistic children


Engaging in musical activities such as singing and playing instruments in one-on-one therapy can improve autistic children's social communication skills, improve their family's quality of life, as well as increase brain connectivity in key networks, according to researchers at Université de Montréal and McGill University.
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Half of women over 50 experience incontinence, but most haven't talked to a doctor


Nearly half of women over 50 say they sometimes leak urine - a problem that can range from a minor nuisance to a major issue - according to a new national poll.
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Naps help some preschoolers learn, but may hinder learning in children with down syndrome


A growing body of research has linked sleep with improved learning and memory consolidation in both children and adults. Yet, a new study done at the University of Arizona shows that napping may not be universally beneficial.
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How schools can optimize support for children with ADHD


New research gives the clearest guidance yet on how schools can best support children with ADHD to improve symptoms and maximise their academic outcomes.
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