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Children of mothers with type 1 diabetes have a higher body mass index


Children of mothers with type 1 diabetes are at significantly higher risk of being overweight and of exhibiting insulin resistance. This was published by scientists from Helmholtz Zentrum München and the Technical University of Munich in the journal 'Diabetologia'.
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Her Abilities Award: A Spotlight on 99 Abilities


The international organisation for inclusive development, Light for the World launched the deadline for nomination for the first international prize for women with disabilities at the beginning of July. The Her Abilities Award is presented in three categories and is intended to honour projects and life's work. Nominations are still possible until 30 September.
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Pediatric study analyzes dietary supplement trends among children with Down syndrome


New research published in The Journal of Pediatrics finds 49 percent out of 1,167 surveyed participants of parents of children with Down syndrome give or have given supplements to their children in an effort to improve their health outcomes.
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Photo: Mother and her child while doing the daughters homework; Copyright: Andi Weiland |

Learning disabilities: Kids and families struggle beyond the academics


Most research on learning disabilities focuses on remediating specific academic skills like reading and math. But struggles at school and with homework can create an enormous amount of stress and anxiety for children and families, finds a study published June 4 in the Journal of Learning Disabilities.
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Photo: Autistic boy interacting with humanoid robot NAO, A woman is sitting next to him; Copyright: MIT Media Lab

Personalized 'deep learning' equips robots for autism therapy


Children with autism spectrum conditions often have trouble recognizing the emotional states of people around them - distinguishing a happy face from a fearful face, for instance. To remedy this, some therapists use a kid-friendly robot to demonstrate those emotions and to engage the children in imitating the emotions and responding to them in appropriate ways.
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Photo: Doctor discusses treatment with a RISE participant; Copyright: Children's Hospital Colorado

Two diabetes medications don't slow progression of type 2 diabetes in youth


In youth with impaired glucose tolerance or recent-onset type 2 diabetes, neither initial treatment with long-acting insulin followed by the drug metformin, nor metformin alone preserved the body's ability to make insulin, according to results published online June 25 in Diabetes Care.
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Tackling bullying could help reduce depression in autistic teens


Teenagers with difficulties in social communication, including autism have higher rates of depressive symptoms, especially if they are being bullied.
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