Accessible travel: Hotels for everyone


Photo: Man in wheelchair is together with his wife in an accessible hotel room; Copyright: Heidehotel Bad Bevensen@FDS Hotel gGmbH

Hotel rooms that are designed to meet the needs of people with disabilities are still not a matter of course. The Heidehotel Bad Bevensen sets a good example.

Photo: Guests with and without disabilities in the restaurant area of the Belgian Hotel Middelpunt; Copyright: Hotel Middelpunt

Holiday for body and soul – that is the goal of Hotel Middelpunt. Therefore, existing restrictions and possible care requirements are taken into account accordingly, but they should nevertheless be pushed into the background. The focus is rather on maximum holiday fun.

Comfortable and accessible hotel rooms

Photo: Accessible infrared sauna in the Belgian hotel Middelpunt; Copyright: Hotel Middelpunt

Also the wellness area at Hotel Middelpunt takes into account the needs of guests with disabilities, for example in the infrared sauna.

Hotels provide a total accessible package

Photo: Man with a Segway wheelchair and his wife sitting on a pier and looking at the water; Copyright: Seehotel Rheinsberg@FDS Hotel gGmbH

The rental of various auxiliary means is a matter of course at the Seehotel Rheinsberg as well as an accessible environment for activities at the holiday resort.

The accessible tourism industry has tremendous potential for more growth

Photo: Nadine Lormis; Copyright: private