[Bristol / South Gloucestershire / West Country] manufacturer celebrates 50 years with Boots deal

A [Bristol / South Gloucestershire / West Country] manufacturing firm that put the rubber stretch into the Stretch Armstrong toy has hit the shelves in Boots this week, with a waterproof protector for plaster casts.

Inspired by the injury of a family member, the team at Bloccs developed a waterproof protector to be worn over an arm or leg, to completely seal a plaster cast or dressing.

The protectors enable the wearer to shower, bathe or swim, without getting their cast wet, and have been designed for use at home, the swimming pool and the beach. The product’s manufacturers report they are receiving happy customer feedback on a daily basis.

"We get all sorts of comments, from people relieved to be able to take a shower or bathe with confidence; to holidaying families, delighted their injured children are able to play in the pool or swim in the sea," said director of Bloccs, Kate Richards.

Founded in 1964, Precision Dippings is the family-run business providing the waterproofing knowhow behind Bloccs. Based in Yate, it manufactures rubber components for a worldwide customer base. Some of its specialist products include components used in Formula 1 cars, as well as moulded products supplied to medical and dental firms.

Precision Dippings was also the company behind the production of the stretchy element of the 1970’s Stretch Armstrong toy. It also produces the rubber seals used by a number of manufacturers of dry suits for water sports, and has now diversified into the consumer, health products, by developing this technology into the Bloccs arm and leg protectors.

"Doctors warn that if the padding under a plaster cast gets wet you can get nasty skin infections, so daily routines like washing or swimming become almost impossible," explained Kate.

"Bloccs rubber waterproof protectors solve the problem really simply - slipping over a cast as easy as a glove or a stocking.

"They fit people of all shapes, sizes and ages and are a safer alternative to taping a carrier bag to a limb, balancing on one leg in the shower or attempting to wash with only one hand. These are all things our customers tell us they had to do before finding out about us.

"People continue to get in touch and tell us how pleased they are with these protectors - they are 100 per cent waterproof, so allow people who want to carry on as normal do just that.”

"The comments we receive are incredible. It’s great to have produced something which really makes a difference to people’s lives. Bloccs seem to give people back the confidence and independence they felt they lost when being fitted with a plaster cast.

"We are also getting back really positive feedback from hospitals and fracture clinics, with which we’re really trying to raise awareness."

Bloccs protectors are designed and manufactured in the UK and have helped thousands of people with casts and dressings to continue showering and bathing at home, as well as enjoy beach and poolside holidays, and leisure activities such as swimming. They are reusable and available in various adult and child sizes.

Bloccs rubber waterproof protectors will be available from more than 450 Boots across the UK, and available from by the end of this week.