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Adaptive mobility with high-tech ideas: comfort, safety and stability

Redesign of HASE BIKES Trike LEPUS Coming in 2016

Full suspension, foldability, and maximum safety: the LEPUS is well known in the field of adaptive and comfort cycling for its easy handling. HASE BIKES has completely redesigned the successor model with new high-tech concepts.

Whether you are looking for an independent-mobility solution for overcoming physical limitations or simply an extremely comfortable means of getting around, the LEPUS from HASE BIKES is undeniably the sedan of trikes – now, more than ever, with the 2016 model year. The most important change: all suspended trikes from HASE BIKES now have the same frame with independent rear-wheel suspension. For the LEPUS, this means: exceptional riding stability and safety with maximum comfort. The rear-suspension swing arms developed by engineer Marec Hase are supported by air shocks and can be precisely adjusted to the terrain and the rider’s weight and comfort preferences. Thanks to the sophisticated chassis design with cornering-stability control – i.e. a sway bar like the ones used in automotive design – the LEPUS handles like it’s on rails – even on challenging terrain.

Comfort counts – at any age
“Our product-development work is clearly focused on the wishes and requirements of our customers – they know best what they need.” This is how Marec Hase summarizes the philosophy of his company. Comfort is essential – especially for older riders but also for people with disabilities. And the ease with which riders are able to get in and out of the seat can make a huge difference: thanks to the (adjustable) seat height of 22½ to 25 inches (57–63 cm), LEPUS riders can easily lower themselves onto the seat from the side. Once seated, they only have to lift one leg over the low aluminum frame, and they are ready to ride, relaxed in the ergonomic mesh seat with comfortable side supports. Even the mesh fabric of the seat is adjustable.

The new LEPUS also offers maximum comfort in terms of carrying capacity: the waterproof ROLLER BAG (accessory) is available in 50 and 100-liter versions and can be hung behind the seat with a click. In combination with the ROLLER RACK, this mobile “trunk” converts to a wheeled shopping basket that can be easily reattached to the LEPUS at the end of your shopping rounds.

With the huge selection of special accessories and features, the trike can be adapted to many special needs: the numerous options include special pedals with calf support – e.g. for riders with spasticity – hand-crank assemblies for individuals with paraplegia, and even a shoulder-steering unit.

Thanks to a new folding mechanism, the LEPUS can now be easily folded for transport. First, the seatback is released from its mounts and folded forward. Then a cord is pulled to open the folding hinge, and the rear portion of the trike, behind the seat mount, can be folded down and forward. The resulting “trike pack” is approx. 3’3” (1 m) long – depending on the length-adjustment of the front boom – and a little higher than the tires. This means that it will fit into practically any compact hatchback and can be taken with you everywhere for touring and city holidays.

When comfort counts, a motor can be an indispensable feature. And of course, the LEPUS is also available as a pedelec. A front-wheel motor from Heinzmann can be ordered with new trikes or retrofitted as an accessory. Or the powerful and smooth-running Shimano Steps mid-drive system can be integrated seamlessly into the front boom.

In 2014, HASE BIKES celebrated its 20th anniversary. Since 1994, company founder Marec Hase has been developing innovative tandems and recumbent bikes and trikes that offer exceptional practicality and versatility, along with unparalleled riding fun. The KETTWIESEL “cornering machine” has since attained cult status, and the PINO tandem is the most widely used touring tandem in the world – as well as the most versatile family taxi on two wheels. The KLIMAX trike, with e-assist and Foldable Fairing, is the first fully-thought-through concept for all-weather commuting by pedal power. The HASE BIKES manufacturing facility, with more than 40 employees, is situated on the historical grounds of the former coalmine Zeche Waltrop in the middle of the famous German Ruhr district. Visit www.hasebikes.com for information on the latest HASE BIKES specials and the ideas behind the concepts.