Aelite walker underarm crtuch

Aelite Announces new smarter, lighter crutch – the Walker

The Walker: Designed to curb the stigma of crutches
TAIPEI, TAIWAN (6/19/2014) – Aelite today launches the Aelite Walker line of underarm crutches in four colorways (Blue, Red, Gold, and Gray) in 2 sizes (Regular, Large). The Walker is the first and only crutch designed around the most personal issue regular crutch users’ encounter: the stigma of using crutches.

The stigma of crutches is a personal and daily occurrence for regular crutch users. While not intentional, in public a regular user is subject to looks and stares with the same thought crossing the onlookers’ minds, “what happened to that crutch user.” For a regular user, he or she is aware of this reality every moment of every day. The Walker is an uncompromised crutch that does away with the stigma of crutch use.

The Walker combines a futuristic anodized aluminum body with the ergonomics of the best traditional underarm crutches to change people’s notions of crutches. The Walker is as functional as a traditional underarm crutch, yet is as simple and more convenient for every-day use. The Walker features one button that allows the Walker to stow away comfortably in a car or underneath an airplane seat. The underside of each arm rest features a slip-resistant pattern and integrated magnets, so that in stowed form, the Walker can hang accessibly from a coffee or dining table. With all these details, the Walker surprisingly weighs just 1 kg.

“The Aelite Walker…”
The Aelite Walker (6800NT) is available for order starting today on www.aelite.com.tw.

About Aelite:
Founded in 2013 in Taichung, Taiwan, Aelite is dedicated to creating the instruments that let people live a freer, better quality of life. Aelite offers different and smart products that address the core of the problems our customers face every day. Aelite has distribution in Taiwan through its website, and is in the process of building a distribution network in Japan, Germany, and the United States. For more information, please visit www.aelite.com.tw or connect with us on Facebook.

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