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BBraver: Ergonomic handrim

A number of design improvements have been made to manual wheelchairs in the past few decades, but none regarding handrims. Today, BBraver INNOVATION PRODUCTS Inc. introduces the first handrim that is both ergonomic and stylised to the market.

Bbraver Innovation Products Inc., a relatively new company based in a suburb of Quebec City, offers an innovative handrim that makes using a wheelchair more comfortable and effective—all with a dash of style. After two years of intensive work creating and manufacturing its product, Bbraver Inc. is now ready to provide manual wheelchair users with a unique handrim featuring an exclusive ergonomic design, a non-slip coating and a quick mounting system. And because the coating is available in various colours and patterns, the BBraver handrim also helps users personalize their wheelchair and give it a distinctive look.

Key features of the BBraver handrim

  • The handrim is available in two widths (19 mm, 24 mm and soon 28 mm) to ensure a grip better suited to each user.

  • The handrim features three spacing options relative to the wheel.

  • The mounting brackets for the handrim come in two sizes.

  • The handrim is easy to install and uninstall using the mounting hardware provided.

  • The material used for the handrim’s coating is ideally suited for prolonged use. It significantly reduces the risk of injury to the palm of the hand and inner wrist, which are in constant contact with the handrim when propelling the chair forward or back. This material is already used extensively in water sports because it retains its grip when wet.

  • The handrim is available in several colour options.

Company mission

BBraver Inc.’s objective is to design manual wheelchair equipment based on the real-life experience of wheelchair users. The company’s goal is to innovate while maintaining a high standard of quality and to offer finishes in line with current trends in fashion and design. "When you spend your life in a wheelchair, adding a personal touch to your ‘vehicle’ can provide a measure of comfort and inspiration," says Marco Pilotto.

A company already in the spotlight

In 2013, BBraver Innovation Products Inc. received two awards from the Québec Entrepreneurship Contest: the local development centre (CLD) award and 1st prize in the Gaz Métro operations, processing and production category. The Association of Quebec CLDs stated that "BBraver Inc. had met a clearly identified need with an original and innovative product. The judging panel wanted to highlight the promoter’s strong entrepreneurial direction and his ability to engage with the right resources and maintain ownership of his intellectual property." In addition, invited to the Association pour le développement de la recherche et de l’innovation du Québec (ADRIQ)’s prestigious Innovation Gala in November 2013, BBraver Innovation Products Inc. was honoured with the Coup de Cœur product innovation award.

Technical specifications

Product name : BBraver Handrim

Manufacturer: BBraver Innovation Products Inc.

Sizes available:

Small: 19 mm / 0.75 in.

Medium: 24 mm / 0.94 in.

MSRP: 385€/pair


Information/contact: Gabrielle Pilotto, Vice President

gpilotto@bbraver.com or info@bbraver.com

(0) 1 418 906-3439