Thomashilfen für Körperbehinderte GmbH & Co. Medico KG

Brought to safety in seconds

When there‘s a fire really every second counts. Thanks to the Thevo rescue harness also less mobile people have a realistic chance of being rescued from a sea of flames.

Even the best fire brigade can arrive too late sometime or other. Fast and prudent action through helpers at the location is all the more important when flames are spreading at a racing speed. Bed-ridden people in nursing homes are however not so easily taken out of the danger zone simply by piggyback. Often two or more people are necessary for this and usually the evacuation is difficult and time-consuming.

Now not any longer! With the integrated Thevo rescue harness system also a less mobile occupant can be safely evacuated by only one person in a few seconds. The patient is quickly fixated with two Velcro straps on the chest and thigh and cannot slip out. Thereby for their own safety the arms remain under the blanket. Pulling straps on the head and foot end also make it possible for the rescuer to easily pull the mattress together with the patient and bed covering over steps and stairways.


"If care dependent individuals are able to be quickly and safely evacuated already before our arrival, then this is of priceless value", comment relief forces from the lower Saxony state fire-fighters association. "The rescue harness system helps to save lives!"

It is an easy system that makes it possible to always have a rescue harness system available on the mattress and be able to act quickly. Equally straightforward is the takeover of the evacuated patient through the rescue service: The carrying straps along the sides make transfer superfluous.