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Comprehensive standard features, comfort climate and ultimate safety in the Recaro Monza Nova car seat

"For me, my child’s safety in the car comes first. Of course I drive carefully, but you never know what could happen." Susanne Bessel is happy that her new Recaro Monza Reha Nova child car seat as well. "The overall assessment is good and even 'very good' in many areas, which makes me and my son feel happy."

Car seats for children with disabilities have to meet numerous special needs in addition to their classic safety function.

Many of these children cannot express their wishes and feelings themselves. Parents and caregivers have to be sure that the child feels comfortable in the car seat. Head and lateral pads, belts and custom supports, an abduction block with hook-and-loop fastener to stabilize the thighs and hips as standard equipment along with an extensive selection of accessories have made the Recaro Monza Reha Nova the best-selling child rehabilitation car seat for years.

Naturally the car seat meets all international safety standards. The user-friendly handling of the Mon­za Nova is particularly convincing: It is easy to attach in the car, so moving the seat from one vehicle to another does not present a problem. A model for the Isofix system, which is permanently installed in many cars today, is available as well.

The very low net weight of just 6 kg and the practical swivel plate make putting the child in the seat extremely easy. The seat grows with the child thanks to numerous adjustment and adaptation pos­sibilities, so that safety and sufficient space are assured for older children and youths with a body weight of up to 50 kg.

"Thanks to the new, breathable ventilation system, Jonas perspires a lot less. e is calmer while driving, plays on the therapy tray or relaxes while listening to music and stories on the built-in speaker sound system." Susanne Bessel can focus her full attention on driving as a re­sult. Extended side impact protection constitutes a real plus in terms of safety with excellent padding for the head, shoulders and arms. The "anti-escape vest" prevents Jonas from wriggling out of the seat. Footrests and custom seat wedges provide additional support.

Sufficient reasons for Thomashilfen, the child rehabilitation specialist from northern Germany, to add this successful child seat model to the product range.