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HASE BIKES: Bike mobility for all, regardless of ability or disability

Handbike with high tech: the rear-wheel drive guarantees reliable traction, even when riding uphill.

Perfect Customization: HASE BIKES’ Adaptive Accessories

For more than 20 years, HASE BIKES has been building specialized bikes and trikes for everyday use, fun-filled recreation, and adaptive cycling. At the REHACARE trade fair in Düsseldorf, Germany, the company will be showcasing the numerous adaptive accessories it has developed for helping people with all types of special needs enjoy independent mobility.

The trikes from HASE BIKES are engineered for superb stability: one wheel in front, two in the back, and a seat height that can be adjusted to anything from "low and sporty" to "laid-back cruising". Their design not only makes them wonderfully maneuverable but also guarantees optimal mobility, even for people with physical limitations and/or impaired balance.

And then there’s the unique PINO tandem: the front rider sits in a comfortable and adjustable recumbent seat with pedals or leg supports in front. The "helmsman" in back sits somewhat higher on a normal bicycle saddle, meaning that both riders can enjoy an unrestricted panoramic view of the surroundings. This also makes it possible for people with disabilities to ride in front. Furthermore, the positioning of the PINO’s two seats enables riders to communicate effortlessly.

Every person is unique – and the same applies to our bikes and trikes
But stability, maneuverability, and practicality are only the basics; just as important are the variations and adaptive accessories from HASE BIKES that guarantee flexible mobility for any rider. For example, vehicles for people with leg spasticity must offer reliable support. Our special pedals with large platforms and foot straps hold the feet securely in place and are even available with calf support.

Riders with reduced muscle coordination may need the momentum of a fixed gear to maintain a full pedal stroke; in this case, a freewheel switch-off is often the answer to independent cycling. For individuals who only have the use of one hand, HASE BIKES offers easy-to-use single-hand controls with all of the braking and shifting mechanisms on one side.

Cycling with arm power
For people with lower-limb disabilities, such as paraplegia, the trikes LEPUS and KETTWIESEL, as well as the front seat of the PINO, can be equipped with a smooth-running and highly robust handcrank. In this case, the rider’s feet do not have to be strapped to the pedals but can rest comfortably in fully adjustable leg supports. The HANDBIKE still has all the functions of the standard trike models, with the high-tech brake levers and shifters mounted on the hand pedals; the front rider of the PINO requires no such controls because the rear rider is always in charge of braking and shifting.

Furthermore, all HASE BIKES are available with "built-in tailwind" in the form of an e-motor, for anyone who needs a little extra drive support – e.g. for cycling in hilly regions or over longer distances. The motor turns the trike or tandem into a pedelec, meaning it provides assistance of up to 250 watts and up to a maximum speed of 25 km/h (15 mph) whenever the rider pedals. The electric trikes and tandems meet the legal definition of a bicycle and therefore require no registration or driver’s license.

All of these features and accessories reflect the HASE BIKES philosophy that people – with their unique needs – should never have to adapt to a standard bike or trike; instead, the vehicle should be adapted to the needs of the rider.