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Historic accent for 2nd edition of the Annual International Mente Distributor Conference

The second edition of the Mente Distributor Conference (MDC) was held in Malta between 17 and 19 June, 2015. Organized by AAT Research at the Inquisitor’s Palace in Birgu, the event brought current and prospective Mente distributors together from various parts of the world, including China, Singapore, Germany, Scandinavia, Italy, the Netherlands, Iraq, UAE, Oman, Qatar, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Egypt and of course, Malta. "We are hosting this event at a historic venue and we like to think that what we at the AAT Research group for companies are doing is historic too – as we all work together to let others know about the revolutionary Mente system and its many benefits for children on the autism spectrum, we are helping to improve the lives of others," said Dr Adrian Attard Trevisan, Found and CEO of AAT Research. "This is what drives us forward in our focus, works, effort and dedication." As a forum for learning, training, discussion and the sharing of medical and commercial experiences, MDC 2015 was targeted at giving participants further information and know-how as they promote Mente in their territories. The aim behind the event was to continue to strengthen AAT’s partnership with its distributors so that each can grow from strength to strength while enhancing their respective communities. Feedback from participants showed that this goal was reached, particularly through an information-sharing roundtable session organised for established distributors. Also of value were the testimonials and case studies provided by distributors and practitioners in the field, such as Assistant Professor Adil A. S. Al-Salihy, Consultant and Clinical Neuro-Psychotehrapist, Sigmund Freud Private University, Vienna, Austria; Eqab Al Badarneh, Occupational Therapist at the Ministry for Social Affairs, UAE; and Dott. Giancarlo Fabbi, Commercial Director at Consorzio Promosalute, Italy. Through a video link, Professor Paolo Cavallari, University degli Studi di Milano, Italy addressed the floor about current research while Dr. Chris Sciberras, Consultant, Department of Paediatrics, Mater Dei Hospital, Malta gave a presentation about autism. Various AAT team members gave presentations and led question-and-answer sessions. Steve Cassar, Partner at Visual Trends gave delegates a sneak preview of upcoming new product packaging. One of the highlights of the conference was an interview with two parents whose children use Mente. This generated much interest, especially as the parents took questions from the floor and openly shared their experiences. To give them a flavour of the island, participants were hosted to dinners at restaurants with views of the Grand Harbour and of Manoel Island and were treated to guided tours of the Inquisitor’s Palace and Valletta, Malta’s capital city that is also a UNESCO World Heritage Centre. Read more: http://aatresearch.org/news/historic-accent-for-2nd-edition-of-the-annual-international-mente-distributor-conference/