Innovations at Autolift Stand

Wheelchairlift “Piuma”

Our new wheelchairlift “PIUMA” is the first lift ever made completely of Aluminium.

Thanks to its lightweight material and constructive patented technology ALSF (Autolift Space Frame) the lift

Weights up to 50% less (- 90 kg) than the competitor steel products. Lightweighting is one of the hottest trends in vehicle design and the new “PIUMA” lift is one more step in this direction.

Our lightweight lift grants great advantages as:

  • Vehicle Lower fuel consumption

  • Higher payload with the possibility to transport more people

  • Lower pollution –it has been calculated that for every kilogram of vehicle weight reduction, there is a potential to reduce carbon dioxide emissions by close to 20 kilograms over the vehicle’s operating life. Multiply that by 90 kg weight reduction and the benefit of almost 2 tons pollution can be achieved. And this result is just for one vehicle…

  • No more corrosion as usual with steel products

  • Modern design


Swimming Pool Lift “i-swim”

Our new portable Swimming Pool Lift “i-swim” has been designed to make possible for everybody to swim.

The i-swim is made of aluminium and offers a very easy handling.

To improve the safety i-swim has a front stabilizing plate that stops the lift and is a very efficient anti-tip device.