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Mattress instead of martyrdom

Fibromyalgia syndrome: A widespread disease that millions suffer from but which hardly anyone knows anything about. Afflicted people, whose lives consist of an apparently endless odyssey from doctor to doctor and years of martyrdom. Chronic pain everywhere, with no escape. But: a flicker of hope in the form of a therapy mattress that brings back a large piece of quality-of-life.

More than three million people in Germany suffer from fibromyalgia syndrome (FMS), a disease involving chronic pain in the muscle fibres. Nine out of ten of those affected are women. Every affected individual undergoes a very personal ordeal that already begins long before the diagnosis is made.

Doctor odyssey as patient ordeal
"I noticed that a lot of the everyday housework like washing up, vacuuming, cleaning windows and ironing were becoming increasingly difficult", relates Waltraud L. in a relevant forum, "and thereby first mainly the arms and later also the legs and feet were painful." What followed was an odyssey.

From the general practitioner, over various specialists up to neurologists. Result: The pain remained. "I had consulted 11 different doctors", reports Gabi K., "conservative treatment methods x number of times, of which none helped." Typical fibromyalgia stories where afflicted individuals often do not feel they are being taken seriously. About whom Dr. Thomas Weiss can also tell a thing or two: "Already the path to making the diagnosis is a path full of errors", narrates the operator of a day clinic in Mannheim involved in the treatment of fibromyalgia, "many patients can provide thick folders filled with medical records." Nearly without exception afflicted individuals report of disappointing experiences with medical science.

And medical science is partially just as helpless regarding their diffuse pain as the afflicted individuals are towards the typical accompanying symptoms: fatigue, exhaustion, reduced performance ability (80 percent) and sleep disorders (90 percent) are the most frequent, informs the Heidelberg University clinic in a patient information brochure.

Improvement of the sleep quality

A martyrdom consisting of insecurity and chronic pain paired with unbearable accompanying symptoms. And a flicker of hope. Sleep expert Thomashilfen offers FMS patients the opportunity to participate in a Germany-wide sleep test and to achieve a significant improvement in the sleep quality with the pain mattress ThevoRelief.

50 FMS test sleepers wanted! (box) What has been substantiated as being successful with numerous disease pictures, is now also being made available for patients with fibromyalgia syndrome: The sleep therapy on the pain mattress ThevoRelief. We are providing test mattresses so that you can convince yourself. Because your experience is also important for us. Give us a call: 04761/88677 or register on our Homepage www.thevo.info/index.php/de/produkte/126

Spotlight - Interview with Marion Saller, graduate nurse

What does diffuse chronic pain do to a person?

People that are afflicted with chronic pain often also suffer from psychological impairments due to this, from depressive moods up to manifest clinical depressions. In the treatment of the pain symptoms this must also always be specifically addressed. These accompanying psychological diseases result from various factors. People with chronic pain are often severely restricted in their activities, whether it is in family life, when engaging in hobbies, or also at the workplace. The pain impairs all areas of life, and through this extensively diminishes the quality-of-life.

Sleeping disorders are the most frequent accompanying symptoms of fibromyalgia. What positive effect could MiS have here?

Through their structure MiS micro stimulation systems offer comfortable, back friendlys own perception during sleep through MiS. This results in an increased quality of sleep, which in turn also leads to more micro movements, and also here the body can recuperate and regenerate in a better way.

How important is healthy sleep, especially with disease afflicted people?

Our body needs sleep to be able to regenerate itself. During sleep it is very actively internally oriented. Cells are renewed, experiences are stored, the body‘s own defence system becomes active and food is digested. Especially with disease afflicted people healthy, restorative sleep is important so that the body can find the opportunity to regenerate itself and combat the disease.