rehastage GmbH

Mister X meets Harry and Sally

We are pleased to present you at this year's REHACARE two brand new products - the floor ceiling bar "MISTER X" and our new product series "GOODNIGHT" consisting of the base side rail "HARRY" and the bed handle "SALLY".

MISTER X can be securely clamped between floor and ceiling in just a few minutes without screws or drilling. The upper joint head also allows secure attachment (with screws) to sloping surfaces. The different handles can be attached at almost any height and in any position (360 degrees around). The product offers various expansion options - for example a horizontal bar or a tray for storing objects. It can also be converted into a bed erector. MISTER X is suitable for ceiling heights from 214 cm - 304 cm, with extension up to 365 cm.

GOODNIGHT is our new, high-quality series of products designed to increase your safety and comfort in bed.
Depending on what you want or need, it can be a simple support bar to help you change your position, a small handle to help you get up or a side rail to prevent you from falling out of bed. And if, for example, you would like to have a glass of water or your glasses within easy reach, you can do this with one of the bags or with the tray. Everything can be combined or retrofitted as required.
HARRY is what we call the basic side rail. SALLY is the bed handle. If you need a slightly longer side rail, it is HARRY & SALLY.