NOVA S.r.l.

New designed products already in production:

1. LATUS lift program: flexible dimensions with minimum outside width of 700 mm, TRACTION and HY with GQ</= 400 kg, speed 0.6 m/s, with Reduced pit and Headroom according to EN81.21 for installation in “Existing Buildings” with very Low Energy request; Traction also available with 230 volt single phase power supply

2. SUITE lift (homelift) with speed 0.30 m/s for countries outside Europe

3. MINI-SUITE program: platforms with scissor system up to 1.5 m height

4. One–panel-swing Doors: full-glass flat and curved with glass-insert or in metal sheet

5. One-panel-swing Doors: completely sealed and isolated “Weather Proof” for use mainly on Homelifts installed outside your house

6. New Sealing System for the metal shafts glass-cladding for outside installation