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New dynamic arm support from FOCAL Meditech

Dynamic Arm Support Gowing

With great pleasure we announce the introduction of another new and most innovative Dynamic Arm Support in the Focal line of products: Gowing®. Gowing will officially be launched at the REHACARE 2014 exhibition. Essential characteristis of Gowing are the following:
Gowing is a dynamic arm support of the MAS type (approaching the lower arm from underneath and applying a loadarm construction);
• To be positioned more or less between Darwing® and Top/Help Electric;
• Yet having its own unique capacities and characteristics:
• Hybrid anti-gravity support: possibilities to choose between unassisted (assist-as-needed) and passive vertical movement (arm lift);
• Possibilities to stabilise the arm at a given position in the vertical trajectory, yet allowing further upward movements and balancing of the forearm

Major design goals of Gowing were the following: The development of a product that can even better bring the hand towards the mouth and above the head;

Having smooth movement characteristics in the horizontal plane with a considerable Range of Motion and allowing for very natural movements;

Most functional in the vertical plane: placement of axes assists in gently guided movement towards the facial area thus strongly enabling independent feeding;

Considerable lift capacity, also of the human upper arm;
Combine all the advantages of assisted movements (natural and intuitive) with the advantages of passive movements (lifting the arm when needed);
Easy to operate and control through the use of a simple unit with a limited number of buttons;
Easy to mount on wheelchairs;
Very ergonomic and beautiful design:
Not making the wheelchair any wider, even not when the user rotates his arm towards the body and the device consequently rotates outwards;
Easy to install on wheelchairs without need for major adaptations of the wheelchair;
Easy to put on and off;
Slim and attractive design and limited volume;
Again like in all Focal arm supports hardly any construction underneath the lower arm and no need for fixation of the arm.

The development of Gowing took us several years. More than ever before this development is based on recent scientific work with academic partners. In the Gowing that now has been realised all requirements could well be met which results in several very Unique Selling Points. We just mention its hybrid actuation principle, the very quickly reacting and safe brakes, the limited need to learn its use and the surprisingly nice movement characteristics that came forward. Such capacities are unprecedented and we regard Gowing a most valuable essential addition to or line of arm support products.

Users of Gowing will be:
- Persons with limited muscle force and a strong need for gravity support;
- Having a need to adjust the size of the gravity compensation;
- Without a strong need to store settings or do complex adjustments themselves.