Chunc Wheelchairs (Specmat Ltd.)

Octo Back: Solutions for complex seating needs

Chunc Posture and Mobility have designed and developed the Octo Back to help find solutions for children, young and older people with complex seating needs.

The Octo back offers a solution in place of moulded or foam carved systems where appropriate. The therapist has the ability to change the shape of the back as the child grows allows for effective and efficient seating reviews.

The new back is easily fitted to existing Chunc chairs and has cross platform compatibility onto powered, manual wheelchairs and mobility bases.

Octo has an adjustable spinal structure which can be adjusted at the pelvic, lower lumber, thoracic and shoulder areas.

Each lateral section is independent of the other and each pad allows adjustment to increase support around the curvature of the body.

As an option, Lateral pads can be increased or decreased in length by 80mm on either one or both sides.

Feedback from our user trials has been very encouraging and gave us the confidence to make the OCTO back available.

We look forward to working with you to find seating solutions for your clients

For more information please see OCTO back on www.chunc.com