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Parkinson mattress ThevoCalm a hit for ESC winner Healy

In 1980 together with Johnny Logan and "What’s another year" he won the European Song Contest: Shay Healy. In 2004, the well-known Irish songwriter and journalist became afflicted with Parkinson. His most significant sense of achievement this year was at long last being able to sleep well again and to wake up without pain. Thanks to ThevoCalm.

Healy had decided to try out the therapy mattress. "I only noticed how invaluable the difference is after I slept on my old mattress for one night after the test – how painful that was!" And how much gain of quality-of-life through ThevoCalm. The secret of the Parkinson mattress is revealed in a short video on the YouTube channel of Thomashilfen Thevo.

Under www.thevo.info – compact and informative!

Finally sleeping deeply again: "12 points" for the ThevoCalm from ESC winner Shay Healy.

Product information:

How the Parkinson therapy mattress works

Surveys and research conducted by the IGAP Institute show that people with Parkinson’s often suffer from sleep problems. These limitations frequently lead to excessive tonicity and tension.

ThevoCalm looks like a normal mattress, but has numerous torsion springs on the inside.

They ensure that even the smallest movements are absorbed and returned as gentle feedback.

The patient feels snug and secure. As a result, the therapy mattress forms the basis for a good night’s sleep. Sleeping better with the Parkinson mattress

- Easier to get up
- Muscle relaxation = pain reduction
- Own movements are promoted (through motion impulses)