Q’STRAINT Announces New Line of Retractors Capable of Securing Wheelchairs to 200 Kilograms


Designed and Dynamically Sled Tested to Handle 200kg and 150kg Loads, the QRT 550E and QRT 350E Are Built to Safely Secure Today’s Heaviest Wheelchairs

Q'Straint is announcing the launch of a new line of retractors that are capable of securing the heaviest of modern wheelchairs. Designed and dynamically sled tested to handle loads of up to 200kg and up to 150kg respectively, the QRT 550E and QRT 350E are built to safely secure today’s heaviest wheelchairs. Q’Straint’s QRT™ line of wheelchair and occupant securement systems are now offered in three distinct ranges. Complementing the industry standard 1 Series, including the QRT Max, Deluxe and Standard models, the all new 5 Series systems are designed for loads of up to 200kg to accommodate the heaviest of chairs or instances of heavy chairs with integral lap belts. The new 3 Series retractor has a capacity of 150kg to safely secure most generally available powered wheelchairs or standard weight wheelchairs with integral lap belts.

The QRT 550E retractor utilises an innovative double webbing loop and employs advanced material technologies with new energy management techniques to achieve the 200kg certification. Prior to the QRT 550E, the only alternative retractor system able to achieve this maximum rating has been the use of four retractors on the rear of a wheelchair. With just two 550E’s, securement is faster, space efficient and a more practical option. Extensive dynamic sled testing has demonstrated that wheelchair excursions in the event of a collision are reduced by up to 50 percent as compared to the use of four rear retractors -- greatly enhancing passenger safety.

“Securing wheelchairs with the QRT 550E gives operators a safer securement in less time with fewer retractors,” said Eric Girardin, Q’Straint president. “Any time you can reduce the difficulty of the securement, you also lessen the chance for errors and injuries.”

The QRT 350E delivers a higher load capacity than any previous retractors, yet does so without a space or weight penalty. The evolution of increasingly heavy wheelchairs and the recent introduction of wheelchairs with integrated lap belt systems mean that both the full mass of the chair and up to 60 percent of the occupant is transmitted to the rear tie-downs. The QRT 350E safely secures these integrated lap belt (WC19) wheelchairs and is designed to accept these now increasingly common heavier load requirements in WAVs, Community Transport, and other public and private vehicles.

The 1 Series retractors include the popular QRT Max, Deluxe and Standard configurations. Each has been tested on the sled and on the street with millions of miles logged safely and securely. The contemporary new cover design on the Max and Deluxe models is both attractive and functional. All three models provide a full range of options for simple, safe and effective securement of wheelchairs in community transport vehicles, mini-van, rail, coach, bus and WAVs.

Q’Straint is exhibiting these new and updated lines of retractors on stand 3E88 / Hall 3 at REHACARE in Düsseldorf, Germany from 25 to 28 September.

About Q’Straint:

For over 25 years, Q'Straint has remained focused on one mission: To develop the most innovative solutions that advance the safety and effectiveness of wheelchair passenger travel. Our reputation as a global leader is the result of making transportation safety and customer needs the highest priority. We are committed to continued product leadership and innovation; we have the most exhaustive and comprehensive research and testing programs; and for over two decades have played a key role in developing regional and international safety standards. Today, our diverse global staff serves customers in over 50 countries throughout North and South America, Europe, Oceania, Asia, the Middle East and Africa.