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Quha Zono Wireless Gyroscopic Mouse on Display at REHACARE

Quha Zono, the first wireless computer mouse aid product based on gyroscope technology, is on display at the international REHACARE exhibition in Düsseldorf, Germany on September 25-28th, 2013. Quha Zono and its complete set of attachment accessories make an easy and ready to use communication aid available to users. The new attachment accessories provide options to use Quha Zono with a headphone style neckband, lightweight eyeglass clip, Velcro One-Wrap and universal clip.

Quha Zono is a wireless computer mouse that is used by limb or head movements. The movement directions and extents are adjustable to each user which are the distinguishing factors between Quha Zono and other computer aid mice. The mouse is easy to use with several different computers as the settings are stored in the mouse memory. Quha Zono is easy to use, accurate and small in size. Quha Zono is compatible with common computer and tablet operating systems including Windows, MacOS, Linux, Windows RT and Android.

Quha Zono is available for sales through distributors and dealers in several countries. In Germany Quha Zono is distributed through Sybility GmbH and their dealer network.

Quha oy is a Finnish high quality electronics R&D and manufacturing company. Quha was founded in 2012 to produce electronic computer aid devices for people with special needs. Quha web pages are located in www.quha.com.

The press release and print quality press images in electronic form are available in www.quha.com/press.

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