The Kirton Healthcare Group Limited

Refurbishment Service

Are your chairs looking tired and worn out?

Does the upholstery look scuffed?

Have the seams worm and the covering split?

Have you lost a wheel?

All Kirton chairs work hard for their clients however over time and through constant use they do become worn. In many instances the framework of the chair is in near perfect condition but worn, soiled and tired upholstery often means the chair has to be taken out of service.

With this in mind we offer a full refurbishment programme aiming to maximise the lifespan of a Kirton chair through replacement of the modular parts and components to ensure that it continually performs. This service complements our ISO 14001 Environmental Management System to minimise waste and assist in the recycling of product as well as providing a cost effective solution to our customers.

How does the Refurbishment Service Work?

  • An initial consultation to assess the extent of the refurbishment required

  • A quotation will then be issued for replacement parts and any necessary work required

  • Upon receipt and manufacture of an order, a Kirton trained Service Technician will call to arrange a convenient time to visit and complete the work. (Please note not all refurbishments can take place on-site.)

An initial service call for a product assessment will cost £120.00 per visit. All components and parts will be quoted and charged separately.

A quick turn around of product is intrinsic to the refurbishment programme, we will endeavour to minimise the time the chair is out of action.

Should you require any further information or to arrange a visit with one of our Service Technicians please contact our Customer Service Team on Freephone 0800 212709 or your local Kirton Distributor.