Innovaid Aps

Rehabilitation Solutions Help People with Cerebral Palsy and Stroke

A new innovative rehabilitation solution has proven the effect of increasing active and passive range of motion and improving gross motor control!

By using the unique interactive and dynamic stander HAPPY REHAB in connection with special developed computer games people suffering from Cerebral Palsy and other neurological diseases can improve their gross motor function and neuromuscular control.

The Danish based company INNOVAID A/S has developed the interactive dynamic stander HAPPY REHAB in three different sizes, covering the entire range of users from 4- 99 years old! INNOVAID displays their products and rehabilitation solutions at this year REHACARE exhibition in Düsseldorf from the 25 th – 28 th of September.

The products can be seen I Hall 4 at booth E31, INNOVAID A/S. For more information about INNOVAID and HAPPY REHAB see our website: www.iaid.dk