RGK Wheelchairs Limited

Revolutionary wheelchair set to end travel nightmares for users


It’s standard procedure for airlines to put all wheelchairs into the baggage hold of a plane, which can result in chairs being damaged and lost - leaving passengers in very anxious and inconvenient situations. But a new folding wheelchair has been developed to eliminate stress and make travelling hassle free.

In some extreme cases, wheelchair users have been refused to board a plane due to the size and weight of their chair. Such instances have put users off flying altogether, denying them holidays abroad, visiting family and friends or travelling for business.

These issues have been going on for far too long claims RGK Wheelchairs and has developed a solution that will change the mindsets and lives of wheelchair users when they travel.

The TIGA fx is a carefully designed wheelchair that folds into a briefcase shape which can easily fit into the overhead compartment of an aeroplane.

Russel Simms, Director at RGK and a wheelchair user himself, explains: "Travelling abroad with complete peace of mind is the ultimate aim of the TIGA fx. I’ve been travelling overseas for many years and I never used to feel fully relax while flying, not knowing if my chair will be there at the end of the journey or not. The TIGA fx allows wheelchair users to enjoy flying and feel completely at ease knowing their chair is above them."

The TIGA fx is light and compact and folds front first in two easy steps, rather than the traditional sideways.

"Our biggest challenge was to create a rigid frame that could fit into the smallest space possible," explained Mike Sheen, Operations Manager at RGK. "The first prototype of the TIGA fx was developed over three years ago, and we spent a long time testing and modifying different parts until we created a very rigid and reliable chair to last a long time."

Sir Philip Craven, International Sports Administrator and a user of the TIGA fx commented: "This incredible new wheelchair will take all the pressure and stress out of flying and will make it more enjoyable for wheelchair users."

The TIGA fx will be showcased on RGK’s stand (6B19) at the upcoming Rehacare 2014 exhibition from 24 - 27 September in Dusseldorf, the leading international trade fair for rehabilitation, prevention, inclusion and care.

RGK’s founders, directors and advisors are wheelchair users which gives the company a unique perspective of both the market and their customers requirements.