RideUp Mobility

RideUp - Rethinking Powered Mobility

Cruise along with everyone else!

The unique design of RideUp offers the user eye to eye contact with their world, restoring dignity and a sense of inclusion to those with reduced mobility.

RideUp bridges the gap between power chairs and power scooters. By combining the best features of both products along with a high riding position, RideUp users experience an enhanced freedom of movement and increased access without the stigmas normally associated with powered mobility.

RideUp is designed for individuals that require powered mobility assistance to accomplish the activities of daily living.

“I am sitting so low it is difficult to interact with other people”, is the most common criticism of power chair, electric wheel chair and power scooter users.

The elevated riding position of a RideUp user contributes to the healthy benefit of weight bearing and active muscle use.

Based on a Scandinavian orthopedic chair, the seating position of a RideUp is the perfect combination of comfort with limited weight bearing requirements and a high riding position.

The patented seat mechanism of RideUp allows access to the device from the rear. With the seat opening to both sides, the low foot platform is then easily mounted by individuals with mobility limitations.

A secure seat closing process eliminates any risk of a fall when ready to assume the seated position. When seated, the effort required to transition to standing is greatly reduced.

Who can benefit by using a RideUp

People that need a cane or a walker for mobility support can enhance their independence and participate in more activities. Power scooter and power wheel-chair users will boost their self-esteem with eye-level contact.

Where can you use a RideUp?

Take it anywhere; to the shopping mall, the bank, the grocery store, the theatre, around the neighbourhood, around the house; Everywhere you want to go!

What are people saying about RideUp?

Users: “I feel great in the higher seat, now I am just one of the crowd. It fits easily into my home, is just as easy to store and I can even reach and open doors and cupboards that I found difficult in the past”

Authorizers: “Greater integration into society for people that have a mobility challenge is accomplished with the RideUp. It’s design will accommodate the user into the future as their mobility needs increase.”

“As a registered authorizer for an Assistive Devices Program, I see the RideUp product as having tremendous potential to overcome both the physical and social barriers that have prevented powered mobility users from gaining improved access to employment, educational and recreational opportunities. More importantly is the acceptance earned within their community.”

Dealers: “RideUp is truly innovative and stands out in a very crowded “me too” market place. The design immediately draws client attention in my showroom”


Weight capacity 125 kg (275 lb)

Unit weight 61 kg (135 lb) without batteries

Maximum speed Up to 7.2 km/h (4.5 mph)

Per-charge range Up to 16 km (10 mi)

Overall length 815 mm (32’’)

Overall ’)

Turning radius 690 mm (27’’)

Battery requirements 2 x 12 volt, 18 amp (4 battery option)

Warranty 2 years on frame, 12 months on electronics and drive motors


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