Stove guard: Helps to prevent kitchen fires

Stove guard - helps to prevent kitchen fires.

Approximately 50 percent of all household fires start in the kitchen, most of them caused by the cooker. However, due to the high risk of false alarms the installation of smoke detectors in kitchens is not recommendable. A new device can help to prevent kitchen fires: the stove guard from INDEXA. The stove guard consists of two parts, the sensor unit and the control unit. The integrated infrared and temperature sensors measure temperature and rate of temperature changes and trigger an 80 dB(A) alarm signal if the cooker becomes too hot, something on the cooker catches fire or if a cooker is left switched on for a long time. Additionally, a radio signal is sent to the control unit which automatically cuts off the electricity supply. Thus, fires can be prevented and inhabitants are not harmed by toxic gases. The alarm signal can be silenced by pressing a button on the device. One minute before the main alarm, there is a pre-alarm. During the pre-alarm, the stove guard can be reset and the cooker is not switched off. Thereby, the sensitivity of the device is intuitively adjusted to the users' cooking habits. The stove guard can be installed quickly and easily and is compatible with all electric cooker types. The sensor unit is attached to the cooker hood with the integrated magnets, the control unit can be installed by an electrician between the power outlet and the cooker. Whether in private houses, residential homes, flats of elderly people or people with dementia: The stove guard makes the kitchen safer and fosters independent living.