Students preparing business concept for first integration hotel in Leipzig

Photo: Students from Leipzig, Germany

From the left: Lars Heischkamp, Anna Weigert, Alexander Hensler, Katrin Baumbach und Dominik Baus; © HLL

In cooperation with Berufsbildungswerk Leipzig (BBW), a local vocational training center, five students from HHL Leipzig Graduate School of Management are currently preparing a business concept for Philippus Leipzig in Germany. By the end of 2016, the city's first integration hotel as well as a church hall serving as a restaurant and event location within the framework of an integration business will open their gates here.

A church that is not a church anymore? A church that is supposed to become a hotel? A church where rock concerts take place in front of the altar? This church exists. The Church of St. Philipp with its parish house and communal hall is located in a hidden spot, near Karl Heine Canal.

Dominik Baus comments on behalf of the team of students: "We are looking forward to bringing our business administration skills to a new project, which has a social component and societal relevance for Leipzig and the Lindenau quarter. We are hoping to make a contribution to the Philippus Leipzig project and to obtain valuable experience with regard to to the practical application of financial and marketing concepts."

The project is so unique, not just because of the opportunities their complex of church buildings offers but also because people with and without disabilities will work there and serve as hosts. Following an in-depth analysis of the market and competition in the hotel sector, the Master of Science students' field project focuses on the preparation of a marketing and funding strategy meeting the needs of this unparalleled integration project by Berufsbildungswerk Leipzig run by the social welfare organization of the protestant church.

Berufsbildungswerk appreciates the collaboration with HHL. Maike Hillenbach, spokesperson for BBW, says: "Philippus Leipzig wants to be an accessible address for local residents and visitors alike. A hotel, a restaurant with wonderful outside seating at Karl Heine Canal as well as a unique church hall with an exciting event calendar will be run by people with and without disabilities."

The field project is part of the academic program and an inherent component of the students' curriculum. During the course of the project, the students and representatives of BBW meet on a regular basis to exchange their expert opinions, so that questions and problems can be solved in a targeted manner and as quickly as possible. On May 21, the first results will be presented during an interim report before the project will be completed with a final presentation on June 24.; Source: HHL Leipzig Graduate School of Management

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