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The Joëlette in Germany

Zweckverband Naturpark Habichtswald (Germany)

Interview of Mr Jürgen Depenbrock, director of the park

Habichtswald nature park is one the 100 nature parks in Germany. With a 474 km² area, it is situatued in the centre of the country to the West of Kassel city.

The park is destined to participate for the inhabitants and with them to the protection and sustainable development of landscapes and culture of our region. The aim is to find out the balance between unspoiled nature, economic wellness and satisfactory quality of life.

At the Dörnberg information centre, above Zierenbergn our visitors can find detailed information about the park, its historical, natural and geological particularities as well as about the events organized within the park. This centre is an ideal starting point for different excursions in the Dörnberg protected reserve which certainly offers the park most imposing landscapes.

The last novelty of the park is an all-terrain hiking chair, the “Joëlette” which can be borrowed by disabled people and their relatives who wish to discover the park’s nature. For such excursions, special itineraries with several level of difficulty have been set up and marked. At the peak of the Dörnberg, there is a spectacular panorama. But it is only accessible walking, no vehicle can access to the place. Therefore, it is exceptional for us to have the Joëlette so that everyone can make the most of it. I think it is an incredible possibility for disabled people”

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