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Vicair focusses on hygiene and comfort with the Vector O2

Vicair Vector O2 - Machine washable cushion

During the REHACARE in Germany Vicair will launch the Vicair Vector O2. It is the first wheelchair cushion that can be entirely put in a washing machine. Without the use of a laundry bag and including the air-filled SmartCells. Because of the open structure of the inner cushion this new cushion is 100 percent breathable. The good temperature regulation and natural ventilation of the skin provides enhanced seating comfort. The Vector O2 is available in 6 and 10 centimetre height and with three types of covers, among which the special O2 Top Cover.

From a hygienic point of view it is preferred that a wheelchair cushion can be washed. Especially after bowel or bladder accidents. It is unpleasant if you have to remove the filling before washing. The new Vicair O2 range cushion can be put in the washing machine in its entirety. The SmartCells in the cushion do not have to be removed before washing.

Optimal seating comfort
Vicair has also optimized the seating comfort of the Vector O2. The zipper of this wheelchair cushion is sown-in halfway up and runs around the complete cushion. This creates a 'Boxing Effect' that provides enhanced support, because it helps the cushion to contain its initial volume. The chance of SmartCells sliding away from under the user is very small. It also makes it possible to adjust the number of SmartCells while the wheelchair user remains seated on the cushion.

O2 Top Cover
The Vicair Vector O2 is available with 3 types of covers. The well-known Comfair Cover, the Incontinence Cover and the special O2 Top Cover with breathable top. The O2 Top Cover is in some ways comparable to a bathing cap, covering only the top of the cushion. As the bottom part is uncovered, the cushion can breathe freely and offers optimal ventilation and comfort. A breathable cushion provides better temperature and moist regulation. This reduces the influence of shear and friction on tissue deformation, consequently diminishing the risk of developing pressure ulcers.

About Vicair
Vicair, founded in 1993, is a manufacturer of wheelchair cushions, anti-decubitus cushions, back systems and medical mattresses for people who are in a wheelchair or confined to bed. The name Vicair stands for: Vi = la vie, life and viscous – Ca for care and Air for air. All of the Vicair products are filled with patented SmartCells. Together these small air-filled cells provide reliable and stable body support and offer high quality pressure distribution to prevent pressure ulcers.

Vicair products are sold in over 25 countries, all over the world. For more information, visit en.vicair.com.

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